Weigh In Wednesday: Back At It

So yesterday, I contemplated whether or not to cancel my membership with Weight Watchers Online. But as I said, since I’m paid up through almost the end of this month, and I have been off-track for so long, I’m gonna give it a go, and see how I feel.

Well, I feel pretty good about it! I tracked everything today. I ate well. I went to dance class. I suddenly remembered that this wasn’t all so hard, and that tracking even let me have a little treat at the end of the day! I even hit up the weekly 8pm #WWChat tonight on twitter too, and that really got me feeling good and motivated!

As of tonight, I’m at the point where I really want to stick with it again, but now it’s more a matter of finances. Do I need to still pay to do it online, or can I just do it on my own now? Hmmmm, I’m not sure yet. And with just one day back under my belt, I don’t believe I’m in a position to make the decision just yet. I’ll keep ya posted! ;)

Weigh In WednesdayNow, regardless what I decide, I would like to continue to weigh in on Wednesdays to keep myself accountable. And hey, I found a bunch of other people today who do a weekly Weigh In Wednesday too! Thanks, ladies! I’m excited to join in!

So I just wanted to get in a quick update before it’s actually Thursday here on the east coast! After months of not checking in here, this is where I stand:

Highest Weight: 201.1 lbs
Current Weight: 164.8 lbs
Change Since Last Weigh In: +1.3 lbs
Total Lost: -36.3 lbs
(you can see my entire weight loss log here.)

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At A Crossroads, Part 1: The Future of Me and Weight Watchers

My Future with Weight WatchersOh, hey there! Remember me? Is anyone still around? Well, if anyone is reading this, I’m still alive! If you’ve been around before, you’ve likely noticed several “hiatuses” where I went off the social grid. This time around, it’s been almost 5 months since my last post… the longest yet. I’ve wanted to write a number of times, and then for a long time, I just didn’t want to write a thing.

If you’re new here, and want to know a little more about my journey, let me give you a synopsis, as my “About” page is long and outdated… it needs a good-time cleaning up. So here’s the shortest story I can come up with:

1. I lost about 75 lbs with Weight Watchers Online.
2. I reached goal weight in 2012. I was in a Weight Watchers commercial. Life was good.
3. I struggled to maintain such a low goal weight. Life got hard again.
4. I gained about half of the weight back. I’m struggle to find the motivation I once had.

And there it is. That is why I stopped blogging so much this year. I was a success, and then… I wasn’t. I didn’t want to talk about it anymore… I didn’t want to do it anymore, and who wanted to hear about that?

So if I’m still struggling, you might be wondering why I am back here talking about it? Well, of course you know, it’s that “New Year” time when you re-evaluate your life. And here I am. Life is better, but I am still dealing with financial woes. My health is still better than it was, but it won’t continue this way and could be better. Even what I am doing in my life as far as relationships, hobbies, activities, etc. is changing.

So I’m my first crossroad…. To quit or not to quit Weight Watchers.

Did I just hear somebody gasp? I know many people arrive here because you’ve searched for Weight Watchers blogs, so I hate to say I might leave it behind, but if nothing else, I always keep it real, and my readers have always appreciated that. So here’s what’s going on in this crazy little head of mine…

Reasons why I am considering quitting:

1. I’m sick of tracking. I just don’t want to do it anymore. And I don’t want to do it forever!

2. It costs money. I need to make some budgetary cuts. I know, it’s not a lot of money, but it adds up.

3. I’m not single. Are you confused? Well, I was single the entire time I lost that 75 lbs. I had complete control over what food I wanted and how it was made, or even what restaurants to go to, which made tracking a breeze. Since then, it hasn’t mattered who I’m in a relationship with because everyone has different ideas about what is healthy and have different tastes in food, etc. This makes choosing meals and tracking difficult. And I’m not about to chose a life of solitude to be skinny! lol Ok, I know there are plenty of people in relationships who make this work, but my theory is that most of them are married or living together and usually the woman does the cooking!

4. It’s not working now. I have continued to pay Weight Watchers since I started steadily gaining weight back in August 2013. I “start over” time and again and just can’t seem to stick with it past a few days, sometimes not even a day. I’ve even spent weeks where I completely give up and eat whatever I want. It’s as if it is not the right plan for me anymore.

5. Maybe I need something new. Sometimes a change in routine can jump start people. I’ve seen many people start out on Weight Watchers and move on to other ways of managing their weight, why not me?

Reasons why I am hesitant to quit:

1. It worked before! I’ve lost smaller amounts of weight in my life on other plans, and always gained it back, but this was the one and only that worked to drop 75 lbs when I didn’t think I was ever going to do it. AND it offers a great way to manage splurges and real life! And I haven’t gained ALL of it back this time. Why can’t I make it work again?

2. I’m afraid to let go. Kind of silly, but it’s like my baby. I have yet to cancel my membership, even when I’m not doing it! It’s like I feel like I am giving up if I quit, or if I lose it again another way, it’s like my Weight Watchers success story will be a joke. Ok, I know this is irrational, but does anyone get how I am feeling? Add in that “change” is a scary thing.

3. I don’t want to use MyFitnessPal. You were probably going to suggest that as a free alternative, huh? I actually used it before in conjunction with Weight Watchers here and there to see where I was calorie-wise and nutrient-wise, but it all boils down to this. I. DON’T. WANT. TO. TRACK. ANYTHING.

4. If I have to track something, I want the online tools. I’m sure I could do the program without paying because I know it so well, but then I won’t have the handy-dandy point tracker and app, I can’t easily look up points values of food, I can’t scan foods in the grocery store, I can’t use the recipe builder. Sure I can find sub-par alternatives, but they will be time consuming and frustrating.

So what am I going to do if I don’t do Weight Watchers? I’m not exactly sure. I thinking about sort of a modified version of what I know from Weight Watchers. For the most part, I ate good during the week, mostly under points, and splurged during the weekend. Can I do it without tracking it? I don’t know. But as you can see, I still haven’t made my decision. I’m paid up with Weight Watchers for a few more weeks, and with my usual weigh in day coming up tomorrow, and being so off track for so many weeks, I’m gonna give it a go and see if I think it’s worth it to continue.

In the meantime, what do you think? Have any advice for me?

(Photo attribution: Long Road Ahead by Dave Meier (under Creative Commons), edited with Canva)

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Weigh In Wednesday: Do Over!

Alexis {Diva on a Diet}'s Official Weight Watchers Weigh In August 6, 2014I remember yelling, “Do over!” many-a-time as a kid when games didn’t go my way. Well, I’m feeling about the same way right now. I’d like to do over this past week. The fact that I only gained 0.8 lbs is quite short of a miracle. I might even just call it luck! And here I am, back in the 160s. :(

First, this week started off with dinner and drinks with friends, which then continued for several nights with different friends, to the point where I couldn’t even remotely figure out what I had eaten to even track it. I gave up.

Second, I worked out one measly day this week. There was clearly no commitment to the six days I have been aiming for. And that one day I worked out, I forgot my ActiveLink, so I didn’t even get APs for it. Of course, not that it would matter after I gave up on tracking my food!

Third, I went off the social media grid for the most part because I didn’t want to tell anyone I was doing poorly or be accountable. I didn’t do the Meatless Monday and Friend Makin’ Monday posts I had planned because it would put me “out there” for people to ask how I was doing.

Do I have an excuse? Not really. I had friends in town that I hadn’t seen in forever. And I think I just got lazy again. And maybe a little sad again. And I just decided, oh well, have your damn week “off,” and you will eventually get back to it.

So let me think about what I did right for a minute. There’s gotta be something, right? 1) I didn’t screw up at every meal. 2) At least I worked out that one day. 3) I did actually eat meatless on Monday.

So there ya have it. Not much to write home about. Obviously, I can’t actually do over this week, like you can do over a round of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but I can just do my best to get back on plan this week. I’ll just keep tryin’…

~Weigh In Status: 35.7 lbs up from “goal” (you can see my entire weight loss log here.)~

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