Featured Fit Friends

They’re Fit. Fabulous. Fearless. Fierce. Fantastic. Fun. Maybe even a Foodie too! All words that I wanted to add, but I just thought it was getting a little out of control. There was one more f-word that came to mind, but I’d like to keep this PG! 😉

In August 2012, I started a new series called Featured Fit Friends Friday! It’s not every week, because as the theme goes, I’m not perfect! But I wanted to showcase some of the awesome and inspiring weight loss, health, and fitness minded bloggers out there. Because, as always, I am all about sharing the love! So stop by on Fridays or check back here to see who’s been featured!

You will meet people from all walks of life. Some who are just starting out their weight loss journey, some who have been fit for years. Most So far, all of them I have met on twitter, and find them to be very inspirational and supportive people! I’ve included their twitter handle below just in case you want to follow them and join the conversation too!

If you are interested in being featured or know someone who is worthy, contact me!

A Dirty Martini Kind of Girl {Marisol} – @missmarisol
My Life My Way {Nikki} – @frogginainteasy
Reduced Fat Girl {Mae}@reducedfatgirl
Renewed Me {Andrea (Dre)} – @renewedme
Run Like Hell {Bang} – @runbangrun
Run. Ride. Repeat. {Dacia} @Run_Ride_Repeat
She is on a RUN {Kelley} – @sheisonarun
The Year of the Phoenix {Jill (Lady Lazarus)} – @Jill_Grun
Weight Off My Shoulders {Dani}@IrishEyes1982

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