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Regardless of the food and/or fitness plan they follow, find inspiration, advice, recipes and more from people attempting to lose weight or who have already lost the weight and are maintaining!

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Coffee Cake and Cardio
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Ex Hot Girl
Fat Girl Dives In
The Fit Bee *Colleen is super inspirational to me personally. She is part of what got me to get back to basics in December 2011, which ultimately propelled me to finally lose this weight. She started out on Weight Watchers with a focus on being gluten free, then paleo and clean eating, and now vegan. (She posted about it on Jan 10, 2013.) She has also become an amazing runner and athlete. I struggled with putting her in a blogger category!
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Goodbye, Fat Girl!
Half Size Me
Healthy Loser Gal
Keep It Up, David!
Leaving Fatville
Living, Laughing & Losing *former Weight Watcher turned Whole30/Paleo
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My Journey to Fit
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Saying Goodbye to My Fat Girl
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