I’m Alexis, and I have been blogging on and off about my weight loss journey here since 2008. My original blog “died,” and I started over in 2010. I have had several “about me” pages as time has gone on because a lot has changed over the years! So here’s the latest…

In 2012, I lost about 75 pounds with Weight Watchers Online and blogged about it all here. Check out my before and after pictures below.

Before and After – September 2012
Before and After - Sept 1, 2012

I was then in a commercial and a success story (scroll down for more about that), but then slowly but surely, I gained just over half of it back in 2014. (You can read more detail about that on my weight progress logs.)

So getting there is definitely only half the battle! Maintaining it is even harder (at least for me!), so I’m sure there will always be a journey here! I hope you will continue to follow along! I’ll share more of my trials and tribulations, successes, crazy thoughts, weigh-ins, ideas, recipes, reviews, good blogs, resources, giveaways and maybe more!

And ultimately, I hope to inspire others! (If I could put glitter on those letters, I would!)

I’ve Been Featured!….
I was lucky enough to be chosen to appear in a Weight Watchers commercial in 2012 that aired on TV for a few months into 2013! I was only in it a few seconds, but it was the most amazing experience of my life! It used to be on the Weight Watchers YouTube channel, but they took it down in 2014. :(  Luckily I have some screenshots below! Jennifer Hudson narrated it, and my favorite line is:
“We’re human. We fall down. We gain weight. And we get back up.”
Weight Watchers Expect Amazing Commercial Still Shot Alexis Weight Watchers Expect Amazing Commercial Still Shot Alexis

Alexis {Diva on a Diet}'s Weight Watchers Success Story

While filming the commercial, we also did a photo shoot! That led to me being featured in a Weight Watchers Success Story on their website and mobile app! (PS They used to have the picture to the left on the story, but they changed it to match the advertising seen below!)

Alexis Weight Watchers Ad on My YahooI was also featured in some of the online advertisements, which goes to a very special page featuring me too! I know for sure it was on Cooking Light and My Yahoo!
Alexis Weight Watchers Ad on Cooking Light

How Did I Do It?…
I started out in Weight Watchers meetings back in 2008, but eventually found that Online fit my lifestyle better. I went on and off the program a lot. I started Weight Watchers Online again in June 2011, messed around a bit for the next several months, and then rededicated myself to the program in December 2011 when I had my “a ha” moment (see my success story!), along with a little help from a fellow blogger’s #Back2Basics challenge and entering the Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You contest (no, I didn’t win, but it was motivating!). I also started out walking and doing Wii workouts and eventually started running. Unfortunately, as you read earlier, I was not as successful at maintaining it. I pride myself on being completely transparent in where I am at in my journey in the hopes of helping others, as well as myself. AND I hope to find a balance between healthy and happy in 2015!

On a side note, my blog title is a little misleading. I don’t really consider this a “diet” anymore. It is a “lifestyle!” Any healthy eating plan is a lifetime commitment. There really is no short term fix! I don’t believe in being 100% perfect all the time either! And I know every “body” is different, so I hope you find what works for you!

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