A Much Overdue Goodbye

While you haven’t heard from me in months (and I’m not sure if anyone is even reading this anyway!), I just wanted to say, “Hey! I’m still alive!” But also say, “Goodbye, and thank you.” This is my official sign-off.

I have been blogging on and off here for almost 8 years. And the truth is, I am burnt out. I need to move beyond focusing my entire attention to my weight. There is more to me than that, and I am sick of feeling confined to the topic. I am ever-evolving through learning and just simply finding new interests as the years go by. And it’s a lifestyle, not a diet! So the title hardly represents the totality of me. Therefore, I am making a clear separation from this persona.

I will probably eventually pull the plug on this site once it comes time for my domain name renewal. but maybe something still here will help someone in the meantime.

I will keep some of my social media outlets, and will pop in now and then, but my name has changed to better reflect me now. Find me on twitter and instagram as “Lex Lately.” Who knows, maybe I’ll come back around on a new blog some day. But for now, thanks for the memories and thanks for listening. It was a good ride.

Peace, Happiness, and Wellness,

  1. Katy, 15 March, 2016


    I have actually been checking back in on you periodically since August, so I’m happy to read this post! I completely understand needing to step away from something that can be so DEFINING and ultimately draining if you put too much focus on it. I enjoyed following your journey and your story, and I wish you all the very best in the future (wherever that may take you)!



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