Weigh In Wednesday: Just Do It

Weigh In WednesdaySo, I missed out on updates the last two weeks. (Eeek!) Two weeks ago, I actually had a decent week, but I just got too busy to post. I lost 1.3 lbs, and was so happy to be inching closer back to the 150’s. Last week, was a completely different story! I didn’t weigh in because I was out of town. And let me tell you, it may have been a work trip, but I was eating and drinking like it was birthday (vacation)!

I had every intention of doing better. I brought my workout clothes, but I hate treadmills, and it didn’t appear to be exactly easy or safe to run around the city at night. The conference sessions started very early, and I am not a morning person, so getting up at 4am to get on a treadmill was not going to happen. Not to mention, I was too drained by the end of each day to even drag myself to the hotel gym. I had convinced myself that because I was walking around so much, at least I was getting some activity. And I was in a new city and wanted to try all the fancy food! And. I. Did. And it was so good!

So you only live once, right? I only slightly regret it. What actually made matters worse is that with Memorial Day weekend right before my trip, I used that as an excuse to go way off track that whole weekend as well. I had already gained weight before leaving town! That part I regret.

So I paid the price. I, of course, gained more weight. But truth be told, Monday it was much worse. I could have had the mentality of “well, this week is screwed anyway!” and continued on my path of destruction until weigh-in day, but I didn’t. I finally buckled down on Monday and Tuesday, and it helped make that gain not so bad. At this point, I choose to forgive myself and continue to stay back on track.

In other news, I completely forgot I had a work trip the week before this 5K race. Add in my Memorial Day weekend laziness, and there has been very little training going on. I did write about my last run before this little derailment. I actually made myself run a whole 5K, and while my point was that by the end I remembered why I like running, the actual run was very hard. That said, I have some concern that after a week of barely walking, I may not be able to do that again. Especially around other people. I’m not keen on crying in public, and cry, I did, on that last run.

So I changed my goal for this race. The whole point right now is not really if I run the whole thing, it is that I am doing it! Period. I just want to finish it. That is it! I don’t want to set myself up for failure with my very limited training and running in general up to this point.

I am feeling hopeful though. Yesterday, even after all the “rest time” I had, I was able to pull out another 5k. And this run was not as hard. (And I didn’t cry!) I even made myself run some hills because the race route is a bit hilly. So by this time next week, we’ll know what the outcome is, but this week’s goal is simply to (as Nike says) just do it!

Height: 5′ 4″
Highest Weight: 201.1 lbs (6/1/2011)
Current Weight: 165.1 lbs
Change Since Last Weigh In: +2.3 lbs
Total Lost This Year: -7.9 lbs (since 3/23/2015)
All Time Total Lost: -36.0 lbs (since 6/1/2011)
(you can see my entire weight loss log here.)

  1. Cassi, 04 June, 2015

    Way to own it on your work trip and move on, picking back up when you returned home!
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  2. DivaonaDiet, 04 June, 2015

    Why, thank you, Cassi! And this week continues to go well! I’m pumped!

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