My Two Cents on the Self Magazine Tutu Debacle, Part 2 ~ The Positive Side

Ok, at first, I just kept adding updates to my rant from yesterday. (If you missed that or have no idea what I am talking about, go here.) Then I realized that there were a lot more updates, and although I ended my hate-filled rant with some positive words, I just wanted to give the updates its own positive place… it’s own post. ūüėČ I’m not taking sides, I just want to “accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative”… it’s an oldie if you don’t know it.

So this morning, per CBS News This Morning (Self magazine apologizes for mocking cancer patient), SELF¬†Editor in Chief, Lucy Danziger,¬†personally emailed Monika Allen an apology. Apologies have also been posted via their website, twitter and facebook page. While they declined a statement for this CBS interview, they stated that they have since donated to Monika’s charity and offered to cover her work in a future issue.

And then I saw on the Glam Runner facebook page, this message of great positivity:

“Thank you everyone for the overwhelming support! While we were hurt by SELF Magazine’s use of our photo in their magazine, instead of bashing them for their mistake we’d like to embody the¬†Girls on the Run San Diego¬†spirit and show our solidarity with our positive response. Do something awesome and dedicate it to¬†Glam Runner¬†– post an encouraging quote on Facebook, go for a run in your neighborhood, shout encouragement to runners on the street, or wear a tutu in your next race. Help us share why¬†#tutusrock!”

Then Ms. Danziger’s blog post on the SELF website,¬†My Conversation With the Awesome Monika Allen, appeared tonight.¬†Even if you hate SELF, I think it’s worth the read to find out more about Monika. She really is awesome. Her positive attitude, humility, and drive in the face of cancer at such young age completely inspires me beyond imagination. I, myself, was obviously furious with the magazine at first, and I’m not saying I’m in love with them now, but 1) I know I preach that I am not perfect and struggle to forgive my own self, and 2) the hatred and negativity that is swirling around this can’t be good for us. And the ladies at Glam Runner¬†have another positive message for us on their¬†facebook page:

“We appreciate the apology from¬†SELF Magazine. We’re ready to move forward and put this all behind us. Instead of bashing Self, let’s focus on the positive. This debacle has raised $4121 for¬†Girls on the Run San Diego¬†in the past 24 hours! That’s nothing but good.”

So let’s keep running and wearing whatever the heck we want! Let’s rock our tutus! (Yes, I said “our!” Even I have considered wearing one before, and now the urge is stronger!) Let’s volunteer our time to our local Girls on the Run. Don’t have one near you? Let’s start a Council. Let’s run a¬†marathon or 10k to raise money for Girls on the Run through the Solemates program. Let’s donate to Girls on the Run International or our local council. Let’s start our own fundraiser just like Monika did. And let’s make a donation in¬†support of brain tumor research through the University of San Diego School of Medicine’s Department of Neurosciences, where Monika is being treated.


Because that’s the way Monika wants it.

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