My Two Cents on the Self Magazine Tutu Debacle

Tara and Monika from Glam Runner and Girls on the Run in the LA Marathon - YOU ROCK!

Ok, surely you have seen this little nugget, Magazine Makes Fun of Cancer Survivor’s Tutu, floating around facebook and cyberland? If not, I’m here to pull you into the loop!

The short story: Monika Allen is a brain cancer survivor, who has her own tutu company, Glam Runner, that raises money for Girls on the Run, who ran a marathon during chemo in a tutu. There’s this great picture. SELF magazine asked to use it. Then they infer that running in tutus is lame.

Look, I’m not personally big on running in tutus, I rarely wear skirts or dresses in my everyday life!, but what the hell, SELF? For such a small blurb, you sure have made a bunch of mistakes!

#1: First and foremost, the biggest mistake… You slammed a woman (in less than 50 words!) in a tutu, who owns a tutu company, who is a cancer survivor, and raises money for a kid’s charity. Way to go! Guess someone forgot to fact check that part!

#2: I would be pissed too if someone asked to use my picture in a national magazine, and then inferred that what I am doing in the picture is lame and what my company provides is lame too. Way to smash any girl’s self-esteem!

#3: Small potatoes, comparatively, but you’re also talking about NYC’s Central Park, and this picture is from the LA Marathon. Again, where is that fact checker?

#4: Thanks for the apology statement to NBC San Diego. Where the hell is your apology to this “awesome” (to quote your apology) woman? (NOTE: By the time I finished this rant, I found another public apology statement mentioned at the end of this post.)

#5: I have never in my life heard any runner say I’m wearing a tutu because it makes me run faster! Let me ask again, where is that fact checker? What are the sources on this one?

#6: Perhaps you were trying to debunk this so-call unheard of myth that tutus make you run faster. Too bad you still made fun of running in tutus in the process. Way to put down millions of women (Oh, and some men too! Did you see some of the photo’s on Glam Runner’s facebook page?) who get joy out of this!

Ok, so no one’s perfect. People make mistakes. I get it. I’m one of them. But I still can’t believe that not one person questioned this!

And literally since starting to write this, according to USA Today, SELF Editor in Chief, Lucy Danziger, said she had no idea that Monika had been through cancer and the item should not have been run. (Fact checkers? Editors? Were they on vacation?) She also said she will personally support her charity. Now that’s more like it!

And although tragic that Monika has been through cancer, my thoughts, Ms. Danziger, are that even if she didn’t have cancer, even if she didn’t own a tutu company, even if she didn’t support an organization that promotes self-confidence in young girls, if women want to run in freaking bunny suits, whatever the reason, don’t knock ’em! They are still doing amazing things to better their lives!

Now, let’s look at the good that will come from this. Glam Runner is going to have an amazing following! And it looks like Girls on the Run San Diego will have what we hope is an amazing donation! And women runners in tutus (and not in tutus!) have united across the country to say, “Eff you, we rock!”

And thanks, Monika for being you and standing up for yourself and making your disappointment heard.
Love, Women Running Around the World

Now go like that Glam Runner facebook page! 😉

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