Race Recap: Doug Kessler Sandy Springs Lightning 5K 2013

2013 Doug Kessler Sandy Springs Lightning 5K Race RecapSo as I embark on yet another 5K tomorrow, I thought I had better post the recap from the last one! I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since then!

On Saturday, September 21, 2013, I completed the Doug Kessler Sandy Springs Lightning Race. This is a local race that coincides with a festival. There are many neighborhoods in Atlanta, so there are lots of festivals with associated races that usually raise money for the neighborhood’s association. It’s kind of fun to do the local ones. Not to mention they tend to be cheaper! This particular race happens to be pretty flat too, as our neighborhoods tend to be a little hilly! The 5K is literally a run down a street and then you turn around and come back! Some of the people from the neighborhoods come out and cheer you on too.

This was my second 5K of this year. My third race ever in my life. I really had intended to do a whole lot more, but well, life gets in the way and so does my struggle with actually wanting to workout as opposed to being my old lazy self.

My first 5K in 2012 was my best time ever. But I was running A LOT. I basically didn’t have much of a life though. Now I barely run, my pace has slowed way down, and I am not happy with that either. I am trying to find that happy medium! But I keep signing up for 5Ks regardless! One would think that would give you incentive to run more, but I must be a glutton for punishment. Read on.

So originally I wanted to sign up for the 10K. Thank god I didn’t! I have only run that far twice in my life and that was back when I was running all the time. I realistically signed up for the 5K, while my boyfriend did the 10K. (Sidenote: While I was basically MIA the last few months, the boy I was dating officially became the boyfriend! Woo hoo! But more on that in another post! 😉 ) He runs twice as fast as me, so we figured we would finish around the same time anyway!

I had planned on doing a 6 week training program to get ready. Umm, that turned into running twice 6 weeks before the race. Nope, that’s not a typo. I ran 1.6 mi and then ran 2.9 miles, then did nothing for the next 5 weeks. In fact, the last time I had a full week of training was 9 weeks before that in July.

I considered just not doing it at all, but decided I deserved to have to finish it after all my slacking off! The good news was that it was cloudy and slightly drizzling enough to cool you off but not get you all wet. Even though it was September, it was still humid and in the 80’s during the day! And yep, I still wore my Sparkly Soul headband even though I wasn’t feeling so sparkly!

So, this post should really be called: What not to do for a 5K! This race was really not fun! I decided I would run until I saw the boyfriend coming back, so I ran about the first 1.5 miles straight, and I was pushing myself. Sadly, I was still not even going very fast. I was sore in places I have never been sore before, and I was almost puking. I spent the rest of the race in a run/walk cycle, belching and grabbing my stomach, grunting and grimacing from the nausea and the body pain. I was dying when I saw the finish line.

Because the 10K started before the 5K, the boyfriend had a little extra time to breath and actually ran me into the finish line shouting words of encouragement. (aww!) He must have seen the utter look of horror on my face! I was so ready to be done! I was proud that I finished it, as that was really my only goal! Of course, it was my worst time yet at 40:06, but at least I did it! Sadly, I was literally sore for a week after this race!

And what did I do, I signed up for another 5K happening 4 weeks later, and then another the week after that. Clearly, I am a glutton for punishment! But really, it’s that I just keep trying! But I’ve learned my lesson. If I’m not prepared, I don’t need to push it, I just need to finish. I do not want to be that miserable and that sore for so long after ever again! So wish me luck tomorrow!

So how about you guys? Have a bad race like this? Have any fun races coming up?

  1. Running Bear, 19 October, 2013

    Congratulations on completing the race! Sorry that it was a rough time but you finished, which is sometimes more of an accomplishment on a tough day than a PR on a good day.

    My favorite part of the post is that rather than judge the past, you are looking forward to future challenges. I’m helping my wife train for her first 5k a week from today, and the perspective that you share is valuable.

    I’d wish you good luck on the next 5k, but if I read correctly you’ll have already run it by the time I’m posting this comment, so I’ll offer retroactive positive wishes.
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  2. DivaonaDiet, 21 October, 2013

    There used to be a day I could hardly WALK a mile, so any day I finish a 5K, even if it involves some walking, is still a better day! I wish your wife good luck in her first 5K! Really just finishing a real race for the first time was so exhilarating even if I wasn’t the fastest! Yes my 5K is over… it was decent… will post the recap soon! Doing another one this coming weekend! :)

  3. AnnySue, 22 October, 2013

    I am so glad your blogs are back. I appreciate how real you are and don’t make out like this is some easy thing. I lost 25 pounds on weight watchers, freaked out at the thought of maintaining, and gained it all back. I’m on week two, 2.6 pounds down, and trying not to get discouraged that I’m starting all over again. I appreciate your encouraging “realness.” Thank you!

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