Race Recap: Virginia Highlands Summerfest 5K

Alexis {Diva on a Diet} at the Summerfest 5KWell, kids, I did it! I finally did my second official 5K race on Saturday! Now, you may have read in my last few posts, or on twitter, or on dailymile, that I’m not particularly happy with my running right now. Last year, when I was so focused on losing the weight, I was running a lot and had gotten my pace around a 10:30 min/mi. These days, I tend to run more between 13:00/12:30 and have been running very sporadically!

I signed up for two other 5K’s already this year and missed both of them! And “the boy I’m dating” also missed a race, so we were determined to do a race soon and signed up for the Virginia Highlands Summerfest 5K about a month ago. It’s a local neighborhood race before their annual festival. He did this one last year, and although hilly, it’s a pretty neighborhood for a run.

I really did intend to spend the month doing a modified training program, but of course that got all messed up. I checking my dailymile stats a few days before the race, and I realized I ran a mere 6 times in 4 weeks, only 2 of those times I did a full 3.1 miles, and most of those runs were miserable! But out of nowhere the last day I ran a week prior to the race, I suddenly pulled out an 11:30 min/mi. I only ran about 1.75 miles though, so I didn’t know what to expect at this race.

Sadly, “the boy” got a stress fracture in his foot, so he wasn’t able to run. He was really bummed, but he came out with me anyway. :) I felt bad for him, but not that it really mattered as far as having someone to run with. He is fast and is out to PR every time. I am slow and out to just finish it at the moment! We weren’t going to actually run together anyway!

So, by the time we started at 8:00am, it was already starting to get hot out, and my Tifosi sunglasses, that I normally wear and love, started fogging up early on. They sometimes do that at just the top of my glasses, but the entirety of both lenses ended up fogging up in mile 1, so I had to wear them on the top of my head for most of the race. I hate squinting, and luckily it was mostly shady, but I could have used them! I think my face gets really hot and makes my sunglasses steam all up. I think I am may just naturally be hot in the face because sometimes it happens a little bit in my regular sunglasses when I am not even doing any activity! Does anyone else have this problem? Any recommendations?

Anwyay, I used the RunKeeper app, which I have set up to alert me of my pace and distance every 5 minutes plus every mile. Sometimes, I am not so sure that is a good thing, but when I kept hearing my pace was around 11:30, I was happy. It wasn’t the best run of my life, but certainly not the worst. I had very focused moments of good music and just watching all the people running that made me smile! :) And although I always want to run the entire thing, I actually had to stop and walk at the top of two of the hills, and I was so pissed! I just couldn’t do it. I still tried to walk as fast as I could though. Even with those two short walks and forgetting to stop my activity in RunKeeper when I hit the chip timer, it said my pace for 3.13 miles was 11:46 min/mi and my time was 36:50. Interestingly enough, my official time was 36:30 with an 11:46 pace, so that was pretty darn accurate! Overall, considering my lack of training and consistency, I was pretty happy with that! Even better, June is the last month for the 5 by the 5th virtual run series, so I was easily able to participate!

“The boy” was proud of me, but he missed taking a pic of me at the finish line because I was running in between two people, and I told him it would be around 40 minutes, so he was watching the finish line clock and didn’t think I would be coming through yet! So we faked another finish picture! And me and my other friends got caught on a photo taken by the Summerfest staff that got posted on facebook and instagram that I randomly spotted!

And guess what? My ActiveLink said I got 16 freaking Activity Points in that one damn day! Holy schmoly! I’ve never gotten that many in one day! After the 5k, we went to a friend’s house, walked about a mile to the festival, walked around there for a few hours, walked another mile back to our friend’s house, and then had a cookout, in which we were dancing to music and playing games. That, my friends, is how you get a lot of AP’s!

So now I’m already thinking about the next race I can sign up for! I was so hoping this would jump start me back into being motivated, and it has! And you may have read a few days ago that I had a plan to start doing Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 on Sunday. Well, I’ve got bad news. As motivated as I am, plans have been slightly derailed by a terrible, painful, stupid sunburn I acquired at the pool on Sunday! I can hardly just sit in my work clothes all day, let alone put on tight gym clothes and actually move around right now. Does anyone have a vicodin? Yes, it’s that painful! I was just so damn excited to finally go to my neighborhood pool after living there for 10 years and avoiding it because I was fat, that I totally forgot to put on my damn SPF! Dumb! So I’m hoping my motivation doesn’t go away and the pain will subside enough by Wednesday, so I can start my challenge with my shiny new Weight Watchers week!

Ripped in 30 Challenge Update: Just realized that it’s going to be a little too difficult to do 6 days a week if I am going to be out of town for 4 days next weekend and 3 days camping the weekend after that. Opps, poor planning on my part! Maybe I’ll start at the end of June. Otherwise, I will just try to get in what I can get in until then! I’ll keep ya posted!

  1. Angie C, 04 June, 2013

    Congratlations! WTG! That was a great finish. My sunglasses do the same thing and the trick is to set them slightly down the bridge of my nose so that air gets in from all sides. If the rims are tucked up to my eyebrows or cheek bones too snug then they fog.

  2. DivaonaDiet, 04 June, 2013

    Thanks, dear! I tried to pull them down slightly, but then they start to bounce! I guess I can’t have it both ways! Or I need better sunglasses! What one’s do you use? I def have a big head, but maybe the shape of my features is weird! LOL

  3. Angie C, 05 June, 2013

    I like to wear the big ones that seem to take up a lot of my face. My rx pair is made by Sketchers and then I have a pair of cheap Walmart sunglasses for when I have my contacts in.

  4. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast, 07 June, 2013

    I’m so glad you could participate in the series. Congrats on your race!!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..5 by the 5th Link up and what’s nextMy Profile

  5. DivaonaDiet, 11 June, 2013

    Thanks for hosting! Hopefully I can participate again in the future! It is a good motivator… even if it’s once a month, it’s better than nothing, right!?!

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