Happy Birthday to Me = A Sparkly Gift Giveaway For You! {Sparkly Soul Headband Review & Giveaway}

First off, let me just say, I cannot believe I am turning 38 today! Wow, how time flies! What is even more exciting? It’s my first birthday in way too many years that I am not embarrassed by my fat-self and will not be avoiding the camera! THAT is something to celebrate for sure! And today is going to get even more exciting for you!

Now, do you know my love for shiny things? Perhaps I have not expressed this enough in the virtual world. I walk through stores, and anything shiny, glittery, sparkly, sequined, reflective,¬†metallic, or otherwise something that you can see the glint in my eye, I stop for. I think I have a Hello Kitty, Britney Spears, show choir/cheerleader-y kinda soul, if you will. For the longest time I thought I was just trying to relive my youth, but then again, diamonds are sparkly, and those aren’t just for kids! ūüėČ Enter Sparkly Soul.

My Sparkly Soul Headbands in Charcoal (3/8 inch) and Silver (5/8 inch)If you have unruly hair like I do, having a secure headband to keep it in place during activity is key. Having a sparkly one is even better! Sparkly Soul¬†was kind enough to provide me with two headbands to review. One of the “thin” headbands (3/8 inch) in the color “Charcoal” and one of the “thick” headbands (5/8 inch) in the color “Silver.” I got those colors because they could go with everything! I absolutely love them! They definitely stay in place, and they¬†sparkle all the away around too! Not like some of the other ones that just have a strand of elastic band on the bottom of them. They totally rock.

They come in many fun sparkly colors: Apple Green, Black, Charcoal, Chocolate Brown, Dark Pink, Kaleidoscope Pink, Maroon, Mint Green, Rose Pink, Sky Blue, Teal, White, Ice Pink, Lavender Purple, Violet Purple, Red, Silver, Blue, Gold, Green, and Orange. And they have striped ones in Blue/Orange, Blue/White, Green/White, Rainbow, Red/Green, Red/White/Blue, and Pink/Red Rainbow. They also have satin non-sparkly 5/8-inch ones (for when you are in a less glittery mood!) in Black, Pink, and Purple. Oh and a “Team in Training” one too!

So how do I rock out my Sparkly Soul headbands? You might see me working out, running, or doing planks in my Sparkly Soul.
#PlankADay and Sparkly Soul Run via Instagram and An Emotional Meltdown, Feeling Unpretty & Another New Years Resolution

Valentine's date with my treadmill and my Sparkly Soul headband! Sparkles make it a special occasion!

Sometimes you’ll catch me writing a blog post in my Sparkly Soul.
Writing this Blog Post in my Sparkly Soul Headband
I might be rocking out to one of my favorite musicals, Rent, Nine, Smokey Joe’s Cafe,¬†or Chicago, in my Sparkly Soul!
Rocking out to one of my favorite musicals, Nine, in my Sparkly Soul Headband
And you might even catch me cheersing you with a glass of wine for my birthday in double Sparkly Soul headbands! (Ok, no. I didn’t start drinking already! But I will be cheersing later!)
Cheersing to my Birthday in my Sparkly Soul Headbands!

You can connect with Sparkly Soul here:

And let me tell you, they are a lot of fun to interact with! You can purchase Sparkly Soul headbands on their website or on amazon.

So, now your day is about to get better! One lucky reader will win not one, but two Sparkly Soul headbands in honor of my birthday! You’ll get one thick and one thin headband, and you’ll get to choose the colors! How do you enter the giveaway, you ask? There are a ton of ways!

Entry #1: This is mandatory to enter. You must leave a blog post comment about “How you do (or will) rock your Sparkly Soul headbands?” for 1 entry.
Entry #2: Tweet about the giveaway for 5 entries. And get 5 more entries when you tweet it each day through March 16th. Feel free to change up the tweet, but make sure you include the blog post link and come back here to enter your tweet in Rafflecopter.
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You must submit each entry through the Rafflecopter app below! Contest ends Saturday, March 16, 2013 at 11:59pm. Good luck, and sparkle on!

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I was provided free products for review. I was not given any compensation, and all opinions are my own.

  1. Mecca, 09 March, 2013

    I love these head bands I have a rainbow one to wear. I love rocking them out at the gym and around town. :)

  2. Ashley C, 09 March, 2013

    I’d love rocking them out in my yoga class!


  3. Ashley B., 09 March, 2013

    I am planning to wear one at the shamrock half marathon this weekend! And then obviously at the elementary school where I work. The kids would flip. As will my 8-month old – he loves anything sparkly. Or within reach. :)

  4. Alexandra, 09 March, 2013

    I’m a newly obsessed SS convert!! I rock mine at work and at the barre!!

  5. kristin miller, 09 March, 2013

    I will rock this sparkle at work while I teach yoga to 3rd graders! They love when teachers where sparkly things!!!

  6. Paula V, 09 March, 2013

    I will rock my sparkly headband when I workout, hike, walk the dog, active in the summer heat.

  7. Sadie, 09 March, 2013

    I rock my sparkly soul headband during early morning runs.

  8. Jessica F, 09 March, 2013

    I’d wear mine while running on the treadmill!

  9. Susan DeVaux, 09 March, 2013

    I would rock this while running outside since the sun is starting to come out!

  10. Nicki Joseph, 09 March, 2013

    SPIN CLASS :) Want to try these!

  11. Gina, 09 March, 2013

    I rock them in my yoga class :-)

  12. Nori S, 10 March, 2013

    I have the most unruly hair ever, especially when I’m running, so that’s when I’d wear it. I’d also wear it out running errands.

  13. Sheena, 10 March, 2013

    I have crazy hair so these would be rocked out all over town!
    Sheena recently posted..5 by the 5th and running sanctuaryMy Profile

  14. Laurel C, 10 March, 2013

    I use my headbands during runs to keep my hair out of my face, but I’d love to actually look cute with Sparkly Soul!!

  15. Amy Lane, 10 March, 2013

    Great post – I love these Sparkly Soul headbands -my hair sure needs a beautiful Sparkly method of control! I would wear mine at the store, in spin class, in barre class and all over the place – they are so cute!

  16. Jill (Lady Lazarus), 10 March, 2013

    Oh I will so be rocking this during my runs and yoga class!!
    Jill (Lady Lazarus) recently posted..taking it one day at a timeMy Profile

  17. Weekly Chronicles: Daylight Savings Time Edition, 10 March, 2013

    […] the giveaway for a Sparkly Soul headband at Diva on a Diet.¬† It closes March […]

  18. Gabrielle (mareaviva), 10 March, 2013

    Running along the Charles River! ….and lots of other activities too!!!

  19. Denise Konkel, 10 March, 2013

    I will proudly rock these while training for a marathon!!

  20. marisol, 11 March, 2013

    I rock them mostly when I work out but recently started using them in my every day life. Sparkle on!
    marisol recently posted..Weekly Weigh InMy Profile

  21. Michelle, 11 March, 2013

    Co sute

  22. Sarah C., 11 March, 2013

    Ohhhhh- I’ve never had any luck finding a headband that stays (assuming I have an odd shaped head or something), but I will have to check these out!

  23. Dianne Hall, 11 March, 2013

    Lifting weights at the gym :-) Getting strong!

  24. Veronica, 12 March, 2013

    I love wearing them while working out. I have never found a headband that works for me, except SparklySoul! Love them!

  25. Kenny Hall, 12 March, 2013

    I would love a wide red one!! So pretty

  26. Less, 13 March, 2013

    I love anything that sparkles! I’m a bit obsessed actually. I would rock these headbands so hard while doing my runs in the park.
    Less recently posted..Zombies, Run! 5K – Week SevenMy Profile

  27. Jessie Rack, 13 March, 2013

    I wore one of these in the NYC half marathon last year, and LOVED IT! I have super fine baby hair, and this is literally the ONLY headband that won’t fly off my head. I could definitely use one in every color!

  28. Sarah Scott, 13 March, 2013

    I would wear mine whilst trying my new workout videos
    Sarah Scott recently posted..Weekly Weigh InMy Profile

  29. Pam Scott, 15 March, 2013

    My twin girls have lots and lots of curly hair so we are always on the look out for hair accessories. They both love headbands and anything sparkly is a big hit with 10 year olds so this would be a hit at our house.

  30. amber maag, 15 March, 2013

    I would rock my headband at the gym, work and school!

  31. Karla, 16 March, 2013

    I LOVE sparklysoul!! I wear mine to the gym ALL the time and especially for running!
    Karla recently posted..InstaFridayMy Profile

  32. Linda P, 18 March, 2013

    I would rock it in my new spin class.

  33. Julie, 22 March, 2013

    I’m really excited that I stumbled across your WW success story and found your blog. It is definitely inspiring to me. And now I have the motivation to hop on the elliptical. *sigh…which I don’t enjoy…except I feel happy afterwards…so there’s that!
    Julie recently posted..What Have I Had From The Trucks?My Profile

  34. Elyse Reilly, 14 May, 2013

    I am loving your blog. I guess I am too late for headband entry?

  35. DivaonaDiet, 15 May, 2013

    Thank you so much! Yes, the headband giveaway is over! I hope to have some more giveaways soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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