Weekly Weigh In: Being Sick Sucks

Alexis {Diva on a Diet}'s official weigh in on March 6, 2013You may have noticed that I sort of fell off the grid last Wednesday. I never did post my Weekly Weigh In. I woke up feeling miserable, and after making my own egg drop soup at home that night, I was done. There was not another tweet or another post until today.

Thursday morning I woke up with a fever and feeling even more miserable. So much so, that I stayed home from work. I forced myself to go in to work on Friday because we only get 5 sick days, and this was already my second one, and it was only February! Friday was brutal. I ended up leaving an hour early because I just couldn’t take it.

To add to my misery, I had an early birthday celebration planned that was a combined effort for my two other friends’ birthdays that happened on Saturday. I bought my $20 ticket in advance, but it was an outdoor festival, and it was a high of 42 and a chance of rain. I had to be a responsible adult and stay home. Especially if I was going to get better for my actual birthday!

So, I have literally spent every day this week in bed as much as possible and off the grid. You might want to thank me, as I had nothing good to say! haha I managed to eat on point on Wednesday and Thursday, but come Friday, all bets were off. I was a non-tracking, non-working-out, comfort-food-eating, snotty-nosed mess!

And yes, even though I knew I was not going to get any activity in, I obsessively wore my ActiveLink. I guess I wanted to see just how little activity registers when you’re sick in bed! But I did manage to get 3 AP’s this week! Once when I had a moment of feeling better and started dancing around the room to one of my favorite musicals, Rent. The other time when I was forced to finally do some laundry and some picking up around the house. Ain’t no one else gonna do it for ya when you’re single!

So compared to the 29 AP’s I earned last week, and the 48 AP’s I earned the week before that, there is no surprise that I gained! At the end of my challenge week, the ActiveLink dashboard sadly noted that I was doing much less and that maybe my goal was too high. LOL I went from being a “Master of Motion” to a “Beginner!” And I went from sticking to doing my #PlankADay everyday to doing nothing a day!

Confession time. I absolutely did not hate not having to work out this week. (Totally aware of that double negative there.) I quite enjoyed just laying there. Yep. It’s official. I still do not love working out. *sigh*

On the other hand, I still know that it’s something I have to do, and that is what is making me itching to do something. And I actually hate that I haven’t run in almost two weeks and missed yet another month of 5 by the 5th. (Luckily there are 3 more months I can try for!) But unfortunately, I am still under the weather, so it’s going to be hard to make myself do anything, and I don’t want to push it either. I started using my FitBolt application at work again today. (Which incidentally, I’ve gotten a few dailymile friends hooked on because it syncs my moves on there!) And I’m gonna try to get in a walk on the treadmill tonight because it’s too cold for me outside. And if I don’t, I’m not gonna guilt myself. I don’t feel good, so I’m taking baby steps.

I’m trying hard to get off the comfort food track and stay on point this week too. But with still being sick and my birthday on Saturday, this may just be another one of those weeks. I’m gonna try, just like I always do. In the meantime, I’m keeping this gain in perspective. I was at a disadvantage this week, and yes, I made mistakes and sought comfort with food, but I’m still in a healthy weight range, I am still within 5 lbs of my goal, and people still love me! 😉 That’s not such a bad place to be!

Now, did I mention that my birthday is coming up? haha Well, there is actually something in it for you too! I’ll be hosting a sparkly giveaway in honor of my birthday! Because I love shiny things and glitter = party! So keep your eyes peeled for my giveaway post on Saturday!

Weight: 129.5 lbs
Change this week: +2.6 lbs
Total lost: -71.6 lbs
You can also check out my entire weight log here 😉

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  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast, 06 March, 2013

    So sorry you’ve been so sick and missed the 5 by the 5th- next month for sure!! :)
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Wiaw Munchkin Edition + Carrot ChipsMy Profile

  2. Censie, 07 March, 2013

    I hate sick days and I hate working out. I am amazing at the number of activity points you get! I am lucky if i get 10 a week.
    Censie recently posted..Wednesday on the WW: Week 5My Profile

  3. DivaonaDiet, 07 March, 2013

    Thanks, Laura! I am determined to get it in next month! I so loved this idea, but you know how sometimes things don’t go as planned! Thank god you guys made it through June! 😉

  4. DivaonaDiet, 07 March, 2013

    Those were particularly great weeks! The ActiveLink was really pushing me! Trust that I did not start out getting that many points, nor does that happen every week! And when I started, I NEVER thought I would ever get that many AP’s! Go slowly, take baby steps, find things that you do (somewhat) enjoy! I say somewhat because we both “hate” working out, but I now “like” to run (which I also NEVER thought I would say!) and do fun dance cardio classes. Sometimes the getting there is the hardest part! And hey, at least you get 10 AP’s! As you can see, I can easily hardly any!

  5. Theresa Wright, 19 March, 2013

    I started reading your blogs today after reading your info. you posted yesterday on Facebook about your weight watcher commercial ( which I still get excited and start yelling “there’s Alexis” everytime I see it. I liked what I read and it made me think I can do this too, so I got up this am and exercised a little. Thanks for the inspiration

  6. Remo, 22 April, 2013

    Hi Alexis

    Just had to say that what you have achieved over the last few years has been amazing. I went through your stats and your journey has been painful but rewarding. Keep it up.

    Remo recently posted..Walking programsMy Profile

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