Weekly Weigh In: Yes, You Can Still Have A Life and Lose Weight On Weight Watchers

Alexis {Diva on a Diet}'s official weigh in on February 20, 2013So I secretly hoped for a miracle that I could just magically lose all 6.3 lbs I needed to get back to goal in one week, but we all know that’s not real life! And when I knew I planned on splurging at three different nights out this week, I was probably going to be lucky to lose anything!

See, here’s my deal with eating out. For the most part, I usually choose to splurge because restaurants don’t seem to do healthy very well for some reason (unless they specialize in it like Seasons 52, or you’re just eating a sandwich and you can go to Subway, and well, it’s just 10 time easier when they post nutrition stats!). Not to mention, you still don’t have a clue how they prepared it, or what’s in their dressing or whatever, or portion sizes they used. It’s still an estimation nightmare. Plus, they are experts at making the bad stuff, and let’s face it, I like the bad stuff! I didn’t get fat eating grilled chicken and side salads! Nothing has ever been “too rich” or “too sweet” for me. So eating out generally equals planned splurges.

So my first night out was drinks and appetizers at Twist. I wanted a number of their yummy tapas items. And the ones I liked were calorie-bombs! Lucky for me, the girl I was meeting there was having dinner later, so she just wanted to split something small. So we split the small plate of the Fried Oysters with Crispy Bacon, Spicy Remoulade & Chives. Yum! Totally worth it. And she wanted vegetables, and I was like, Yay! (Which freaks me out that I say things like that now!) So we also split a side of the Roasted Brussels Sprouts. I only had one glass of wine, and luckily because she had dinner plans, I didn’t have time for another! But it was Valentine’s Day, so I wanted to go home and sulk in my singledome like this:
Bridget Jones's Diary: Sulk Responsibly - Happy Singles Awareness Day I fought the urge to stop by the store for a bottle of wine and a heart shaped box of chocolates that I would proceed to consume all of while watching Bridget Jones’s Diary. (My favorite movie of all time because she is totally me.) Some how with my motivation still low, but knowing how horrible I had done the last two weeks, and how I had two more planned splurges coming up on the weekend, I willed myself past the grocery store and onto my treadmill for a little jog/walk 5K! That never happens! I even had points left, and treated myself with a mini chocolate peanut butter protein shake to take care of that candy craving. Sometimes, I surprise myself.

I stayed in and went alcohol-free on Friday night to make sure I got up early to exercise on Saturday. And you know what I did? I completed a New Years Resolution! I know, I never actually posted them as I said I was going to. I thought, who wants a reminder of the things you didn’t accomplish next year?… So far, you’ve managed to not do any of them! So as soon as I decided not to post them, I started doing them! Nothing like reverse-psychology-ing yourself! (Like how I make up my own words?)

So one of my goals was to try a new activity, like joining a running group or going to a dance class. They opened a dance studio, Dance It Off, that I literally run by most days, and it turns out they had a Cardio Dance class at 10am on Saturdays. I used to dance back in the day, but for a while found myself hating it. But now that I am back in shape again, I loved it! The people were so nice there too! I’m glad I found the opportunity to go because I really needed to add some alternative ideas into my fitness routine! I think it will help my motivation to add some variety, and yet again, yay for checking off a New Years Resolution!

So the reason I had to force myself to get up early Saturday (which if you know me, anything before 10am is early!), was because I had a busy day of “day drinking” planned with my friend… err, well, sort of ex-boyfriend… and well now, as of Saturday, we are “trying dating” again, so that makes him “the boy I am seeing” now, I guess?! That’s a whole ‘nother subject. Back to the point at hand. We had plans to go to the Corner Tavern, and I just had to have this:
Corner Tavern's Belgian Waffle Burger

Ok, well really, that was what was left of it! (Here’s a fancier picture on their menu.) That’s a burger, cheese, fried egg, hollandaise, and waffle, people. I’m a sucker for anything with hollandaise! But you know what? It was good, but not everything I had imagined. I’m glad I tried it, but I probably won’t order it again. Not worth the fat and carbs and calories, and my waist will thank me for that later too. And ya know, in the past, I still would have eaten the whole thing, but I didn’t. Boy, I have changed!

Well, it probably didn’t help that I had bottomless Mimosas too, huh? And then me and “the boy” did a little more bar hopping, which luckily involved walking to each one, which extended into dinner and drinks at his house. Luckily, he cooked me a healthy salmon and steamed veggies for din-din, but not much could make up for the amount of drinks we had for the day! Still, no regrets! 😉

I have to say that Sunday started okay. I did get my activity in, but not as much as I had hoped. And I had already planned to have the Lobster Grilled Cheese with Brie and cream cheese at dinner out with a high school friend that night at the Ship & Anchor. And I soooo did. But funny thing happened again. It wasn’t that good (even though it got Reader’s Choice in Gun & Garden magazine… didn’t even know that existed!), but glad I tried it and wont’ be ordering it again… at least from there. My fault probably for choosing seafood at a pub! I was good and got a side salad with balsamic vinaigrette on the side. What was bad was that I ate the whole sandwich anyway, and when I planned to have light beer, I caved for more than one of my fav Belgian beer Stella. And really the rest of the night went downhill with more drinks and poor food choices when I got home. (Yep, I made the mistake of getting more Almond Butter.)

I was sad to find I was 20 PointsPlus over when I put everything in the tracker on Monday morning. And now you are thinking, “That bi-atch! How in the hell did you lose weight this week?” Well, here’s how… I think.

  1. I actually ended up being 9 PointsPlus over for the week with my Activity Points from Monday and Tuesday. So that’s not too bad.
  2. I estimated that I was at least 300 PointsPlus over the last two weeks. So to my body, 9 over was actually a massive cut back!
  3. I could easily have over estimated the food and drinks I ate out and the dinner “the boy” made me. When you don’t make the food, it’s sometimes a crap-shoot.
  4. I got 48 Activity Points(!) thanks to my ActiveLink pushing me to crush my goal! Yep, I exchanged all of them for food points, but I did a lot of activity. End of story.

To be honest, I would have done just fine had I not completely lost it after dinner on Sunday night. I probably would have lost more weight. But you know what? I am incredibly happy with this week! I got it way more under control. I was very active. I beat my ActiveLink goal. I achieved a New Years Resolution. And I had a LIFE!!!

Weight: 129.5 lbs
Change this week: -1.8 lbs
Total lost: -71.6 lbs
You can also check out my entire weight log here 😉

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  1. Censie, 20 February, 2013

    So happy you had a good week! I need to really work on my activity points. And my tracking. Rough week over here! Blah!
    Censie recently posted..Wednesday on the WW: Week 3My Profile

  2. Karla, 20 February, 2013

    Yay! So glad you had a successful week! Despite of the splurges! Way to get the AP on track!!
    Karla recently posted..Sunday ScriptureMy Profile

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