Featured Fit Friends Friday: Mae from Reduced Fat Girl

Woot woot! Friday’s here! And it never get’s old, does it? And what makes it even better? Another fab installment of Featured Fit Friends Friday! Getting to know some of my fav virtual friends better is so much fun! As it usually goes, I met Mae through Twitter. I almost had the chance to meet her in person, but got too busy when I was on the west coast! :( She is so freaking cute and hilarious! And I totally relate as she tries to navigate the dating scene along with me! She seriously cracks me up! In just a few short moments, you will feel the sarcasm when you read her story below! And the girl lost some serious weight. She’s the complete inspirational package! 😉
Mae from Reduced Fat Girl

Name: Mae Perez
Blog: Reduced Fat Girl
From: Los Angeles, CA

Why did you start blogging? What is the goal/purpose of your blog?
The first time I lost weight, I had no record of my progress other than a weight log and food journal, so this time I wanted to document the entire process. At first, I had no intention of sharing it with anyone; it was meant as a reference for me. The main goal is to share my trials and errors with others, but above all that, I just hope to give the visitor something funny and entertaining to read.

How did you come up with your blog name?
I wanted a name that would be applicable to me whether I was 100 pounds or 10 pounds over weight. “Reduced Fat” is a play on the common diet food descriptor, but it could also describe me. I’m…reduced fat! Get it? You see I was fat, but then not as fat, and…oh forget it.

When not blogging, what do you do?
Professionally, I am a Head Geek/Graphic Designer and have been with my company for 12 years. I’m a single girl living alone (which makes it REALLY easy to find time to work out and plan a menu just for me), unless you count my two dogs.

Are you attending (have you attended) any blogger conferences?
I haven’t yet, but I am attending Fitbloggin’ 13 and cannot wait!

Have you met up in person with anyone you’ve met through your blog or other social media?
Yes! Three weeks ago, I met my bestest, favoritest Twitter friend, Dawn of Prior Fat Girl (@PFG_Dawn). We dressed up in our skimpiest outfits and collected broken hearts all over Southern California until the wee hours of the morning. Actually no, we had a lovely grown-up dinner and called it an early night. Looking forward to seeing her again, and meeting many more, at Fitbloggin’ in June.

What things have learned from blogging that you would like to share with other bloggers?
Readers appreciate brutal honesty. You will never please everyone, but if you’re up front about your struggles along with your triumphs, people will respect that. If I only talked about the good things that happen, a reader might get discouraged and give up the moment they hit a rough patch. For me, bloggers tend to be more relatable when they talk about veering off track or gaining weight.

What is your favorite fitness activity?
#BBH of course. Oh sorry, this is a family show. My favorite activity is weightlifting. I’m one of those people that would be banned from Planet Fitness because I grunt and flex (and wink at myself) in the mirror of my home gym after a heavy set.

Have you always been an active person, or is health/fitness something you found later in life?
To be honest, I STILL wouldn’t consider myself an active person. I would much rather sit on the couch and do nothing, but I exercise out of necessity. I am still trying to get to a place where I work out because I love it, but I don’t know if that will ever happen.

What’s your favorite fitness gear?
I’ve owned just about every fitnessy gadget out there, but I love my Polar FT7 and don’t trust anything else to track my activity. As for workout attire, I have a lot of loose skin in my thighs and midsection, so compression pants (I like Old Navy) are a must!

Do you struggle with your weight? 
Definitely. I was a fat kid, a fat pre-teen, a fat teenager, and up until recently, a fat adult. There was no injury or pregnancy that caused weight gain, just an extremely sedentary lifestyle and about twice the required calorie intake per day. In May 2011 I finally took control of my life and have lost 135 pounds so far. Never, ever will I go back to that old me.

What is your eating philosophy?
You name it, I’ve tried it. During this go around, I followed a low carb approach for the first few weeks. Then, I switched over to Weight Watchers for something more realistic and sustainable. After losing 100+ pounds on Weight Watchers, I went through a nutritionally rebellious phase and tried my own methods, including going vegan for two months. What did I learn? That if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I am back on Weight Watchers again.

Favorite snack: An apple or banana with natural peanut butter
Favorite breakfast: Starbucks’ spinach feta wrap and a black coffee. Sometimes convenience wins out.
Favorite lunch: Homemade pizza. Spread a tiny bit of pizza sauce and shredded mozzarella on a lavash wrap or bagel thin, load it up with mushrooms and peppers, pop it in the toaster until melty, done! I like this because I can easily make it at work.
Favorite dinner: Salmon or chicken breast and a medley of roasted vegetables. Though, to be honest, I sometimes skip the vegetables.

Favorite sites/blogs you like to get recipes from on the internet?

Favorite blogs in general?

Do you use any smart phone apps that you find helpful?
Ease into 10K (running app)
Gorilla Workout (daily bodyweight exercises)
Period Tracker (gotta know when TOM is afoot!)

Are there any other tips/advice/achievements you would like to share?
Last October, I was chosen by Weight Watchers as a featured success story. They flew me out to NYC, dressed me up, took my picture and interviewed me. Look for my story online in the next couple months or so!

Besides her blog, you can also find Mae here:
Twitter: @reducedfatgirl
Facebook: reducedfatgirl
Instagram: reducedfatgirl

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the freaking fabulous Mae! You can also check out other Featured Fit Friends Friday bloggers here. If you would like to be featured on Fit Friends Friday or know someone who would, contact me!

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