How About a New Challenge? But This Time For Your Blog! #28DBC

So, are we all suckers for blogger challenges? Seems like they are everywhere. I mean it is fun to be a part of a group with our very own cool little twitter hashtag, right? It’s even MORE fun when there is a prize involved in the end!

I mean it was #Back2Basics that helped me with my re-commitment to losing weight. And Monica’s Birthday Challenge (on Dacia‘s old blog) kept me motivated to keep going, and I actually won it! But I don’t tend to take on too many blogger challenges, especially if it requires an everyday commitment because I don’t like to set myself up for failure. Case in point, #PlankaDay… I think I lasted 3 days, mostly because I would forget to tweet! Committing to do something every day for the rest of my life seemed like a little too much of a commitment. LOL

So what did I go and do? I joined a challenge where I am supposed to do something every day for a month. WHAT was I thinking? I was thinking that, while I still haven’t even solidly planned my resolutions (and yes, I do still plan to do that!), one of the those was to post more and update my blog. Well, if you’ve stopped by in January, that didn’t really happen.

So, I stumbled upon Katy Widrick’s 28-Day Blog Challenge. What better way to get my act in gear? Or I may be biting off more than I can chew, but I’ll never know if I don’t at least try. It’s really not very strict in the fact that I can pick any 28 blog-related things to do throughout the month of February. But don’t worry, Katy doesn’t leave you high and dry to figure out what to do on your own. She does have a great list you can use! And hey, at least it’s the shortest month of the year, right?

Did I mention, there are prizes? Yep. And there are 30 winners! All you gotta do is post on the ChallengeLoop community what you did each day. And you could win a 1-month supply or 1-year supply of PopChips, a 10-song music download card, a Sparkly Soul headband, a BAMR band, or a Stella & Dot necklace! Plus, you get some spiffy (likely long overdue!) upgrades to your blog. Even if you miss some days, I think it’s a win-win situation! And look, it’s working already! I’m already posting more! 😉 So if you want to spruce up your little spot on the blogosphere, join us!

And yes, of course there’s a hashtag…

#28DBC 28-Day Blog Challenge


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