Featured Fit Friends Friday: Bang from Run Like Hell

Well, some special events and the holidays took me away from my fun new feature series, Featured Fit Friends Friday! I know. Boo. But it’s back! Yay! And do I have someone super cool for you to meet! Of course I met her on twitter. Her running story is very inspirational to me, and she is always so supportive and funny on twitter! So without further ado… Let’s start out the 2013 feature series with a bang!
Featured blogger Bang of Run Like Hell
Name: Bang
Blog: Run Like Hell
From: North Carolina

Why did you start blogging? What is the goal/purpose of your blog?
I started blogging because I made a commitment to myself to finally achieve my weight loss goal. I wanted to hold myself accountable and document my attempt at learning to run.

How did you come up with your blog name?
I have a quote on my blog that says “Sometimes we revel in complacency and sometimes we run like hell.” I was tired of my plateau, tired of not changing, and I decided to run like hell and never look back. I am literally running for my life!

Are you attending (have you attended) any blogger conferences?
I will be attending FitBloggin’ in 2013! I have never attended a blogger conference before. I’m really excited.

Have you met up in person with anyone you’ve met through your blog or other social media?
I have met some really great people through my blog and twitter! Alan (from Sweating Until Happy) and I went on a hiking adventure last summer. Rose (from Rose Runs Slow) cheered me on as a course monitor during my first half-marathon. And I just met Ramiro as he was passing through the area for the holidays. I look forward to meeting even more amazing and inspiring folks!

What things have learned from blogging that you would like to share with other bloggers?
Your blog can be such a powerful tool! I started mine rather selfishly for ME, as a means of accountability for my actions. Somehow in the process I have managed to inspire others through my journey. It still surprises and amazes me to hear people tell me that but it’s a wonderful feeling!

What is your favorite fitness activity?
Running and Zumba!!

Have you always been an active person, or is health/fitness something you found later in life?
Definitely not. I was the girl who always had an excuse to sit out during gym class. I used to pretend I forgot my gym clothes at home so they couldn’t force me to participate. It wasn’t until my weight reached over 250 pounds that I decided I had to get active to get back control of my life.

What’s your favorite fitness gear?
I just got my first major piece of running technology – a Garmin Forerunner 610. It’s amazing! It calculates my time, distance, pace, heart rate and more! As for clothing I am absolutely obsessed with my CW-X compression tights. They feel amazing and look great.

When did you start running?
Fall 2011 – I still consider myself a newbie!

How many races, if any, have you run?
2012 was my first full year as a runner and I managed to complete 9 races of varying distances, including my first 5k, first 8k, first mud run and first half-marathon! The running bug has bitten me hard.

What was your favorite race?
I have a soft spot for my very first race, a 5K. My friend Melanie and I wore handmade tutus and as I ran up a big hill there was a crowd cheering for me “Go, tutu, go!!” I was so amazed that people would take time to cheer for a complete stranger. It was that moment that made me think “I can do this…” and a runner was born!

Do you struggle with your weight?
I have struggled with my weight my entire life. It wasn’t until I reached 250 pounds that I realized I needed to make a change. It has been a slow process but I have lost roughly 75 pounds over the last 5 years. I still have some weight to lose but I am in a much better place both mentally and physically, and am more active than ever before!

Favorite sites/blogs you like to get recipes from on the internet?

Do you use any smart phone apps that you find helpful?
I use MyFitnessPal to track my food and workouts. I also like RunKeeper for tracking my run times & distance.

Besides her blog, you can also find Bang here:

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the fiercely fearless Bang! You can also check out other Featured Fit Friends Friday bloggers here. If you would like to be featured on Fit Friends Friday or know someone who would, contact me!

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