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It’s Friday again! Woo hoo! Which also means it’s time for Featured Fit Friends Friday! This week you get to meet Kelley! She is such an amazing support to me on Twitter with my running and weight loss and whatever it is I may be talking about that day! She is very inspiring to me! I so enjoyed getting to know more about her through this, and I hope that you will too!
Name: Kelley
Blog: She is on a RUN
From: South Jersey

Why did you start blogging? What is the goal/purpose of your blog?
I started blogging to document my journey though the C25K app and on my running journey. I just didn’t want to forget the experience that I had and how far it has come. Now that I’ve completed the C25K app and can run 6 miles, my goal is to get the word and experience out there about being a runner with Cerebral palsy as well as cerebral palsy in general.

How did you come up with your blog name?
I came up with my blog name because I was on the run. Originally it was She is on the Run, but the twitter handle for She is on the Run was taken, and I wanted the blog and the twitter handle to be the same so that people wouldn’t get confused, so I change it to She is on a Run because the handle was available!

When not blogging, what do you do?
When I’m not blogging, thinking about things to blog about, or reading other people’s blogs, I’m working as an OTC Freshness Auditor and a part time nanny. I love to run of course, as well as cook and watch sports like football (Go Eagles) and hockey (Go Flyers)!

Are you attending (have you attended) any blogger conferences?
No, I haven’t ever attended any blogger conferences, but I’ve been blogging really for less then a year. I want to attend Fit Blog or something like that in the upcoming years!

Have you met up in person with anyone you’ve met through your blog or other social media?
Nope, I’ve never met any IRL that I met online. I’m planning meet ups with other Sweat Pink and FitFluential Ambassadors hopefully before the year is out.

What things have you learned from blogging that you would like to share with other bloggers?
It’s a lot of work. I try to blog every day or every other day because it’s a way to get things about my life out of my head and on to paper. If you want to be a “professional” it really is worth the work. If you have questions or need help, it’s worth contacting people and asking questions, especially of the blogs you love!

What is your favorite fitness activity?
I love to run. It’s my go to workout because it’s my alone time. I just go out and run!

Have you always been an active person, or is health/fitness something you found later in life?
I swam as a child, but in elementary and high school I didn’t participate in any sports. So, I guess I found health and fitness later in life. Thankfully it was before it became even harder to lose weight and get healthy.

What’s your favorite fitness gear?
I love my race watch, my Garmin Forerunner 205. It’s great because it doesn’t just track running, but walking and biking.

When did you start running?
I started running in October of 2011.

How many races, if any, have you run?
I’ve run several virtual races.

What was your favorite race?
I love all my virtual races, but the Summer Twitter Road Race was my favorite because it was the first run I ran completely with no problems.

Do you struggle with your weight?
My weight has always been on my mind since I was really young. My family was always really focused about it so I was always really focused on it. I took control of it in January of 2012 and so far have lost 40 pounds with just about 20 pounds to go.

What is your eating philosophy?
My eating philosophy is eating for fuel not for reward. Food should not be seen as something you earn because you’re not a dog. I watch the calories, but otherwise I allow myself to eat the things that I want. I did use the Weight Watchers program to lose a large amount of my weight, but since I’m almost to my goal weight, I decided that I needed to figure out how to loss/maintain my weight on my own.

Favorite snack: I love Luna Bar/Clif Bars. My top to favorites are Luna’s Peanut Honey Pretzel and Clif Bars Mint Chocolate.
Favorite breakfast: I love weird things for dinner which usually leads to me eating dinner leftovers especially on my running days. Traditional breakfast foods just don’t keep me full on running days so I normally eat things like grilled chicken.
Favorite lunch: I love Dannon Greek Yogurt (Vanilla). I’m completely addicted to that stuff. I usually have some chex mix or something with it, and it’s amazing and keeps me full for a long time.
Favorite dinner: Dinners for me are hard because I work second shift and don’t get come until 9:30 – 11 pm at night, so sometimes I just don’t eat anything or I have a nutrition bar or some yogurt.

Favorite sites/blogs you like to get recipes from on the Internet?
I love allrecipes.

Favorite blogs in general?
I don’t know how to pick my favorite blogs because I love so many blogs that there are too many to list, but my current favorite blog is Really Michelle.

Do you use any smart phone apps that you find helpful?
MyFitnessPal, Nike Training Club, and the WordPress app!

Are you a product or fitness ambassador?
I’m an ambassador for both FitFluential and Sweat Pink.

Are there any other tips/advice/achievements you would like to share?
Don’t compare yourself to others because you don’t know what it’s like to live life inside their body. No one will ever know what it’s like to run with cerebral palsy and the way that it impacts my body unless they are inside my body, so I do the best I can and I always come in first place in the disabled running category! 😉

Besides her blog, you can also find Kelley here:

I hope you enjoyed getting to know the fearless Kelley! You can also check out other Featured Fit Friends Friday bloggers here. If you would like to be featured on Fit Friends Friday or know someone who would, contact me!

UPDATE 2014: Kelley’s new blog is A Girl and What She Loves and her new Instagram is kelley_agirlandwhatsheloves. You can still find her at the same accounts linked above on twitter, facebook, and pinterest.

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