Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 38

Normally, I would have been sad that I didn’t lose any weight at all. But I am surprisingly happy with this week’s weigh in. I mean, I dropped 3.8 lbs last week, so the fact that I could keep it off this week is sort of amazing. I’m even amazed that I managed to weigh exactly the same weight as last week. How very strange!

So what makes it a borderline miracle? Let’s see, I only tracked my food for three days, and I am not even sure I tracked everything on those days. I only did activity three days. Five of my meals were made by this new boy I’m seeing. Although, they were basically healthy dishes, I have no idea what amount of oil or other fats went into them. He does use light smart balance spread in place of butter though, and he keeps commenting on the small amount of food I eat. So on second thought, it can’t be half bad! But we also went to a cookout for another meal, in which I had a bratwurst! Aren’t they incredibly fattening? I didn’t have a bun though. I just didn’t want a dumb regular old hot dog, and I had already had red meat twice this week, so I didn’t want a burger either. So ok, I guess I wasn’t particularly carefree in my food choices, as I ate small portions and did things like leaving off some of the carb-y things, but I usually measure everything! I think that makes me feel out of control, and it’s likely I had bigger portions than I normally eat!

What I guess probably makes it more of a borderline miracle is that since well into the previous weigh-in week, I have had a multitude of social events. Nine out of the last 12 days to be exact! Most of which involved wine or dirty martinis. (And all the sudden, I seem to recall a lot of social activity earlier in the month too!) That’s way more alcohol that I have had in quite a while. This new boy I’m dating is a big wine drinker too. (I know, I’ve brought him up twice now, but it’s really early in the relationship, so we may, or may not, get to more about him some other time!) This entire month has also been really slack on the activity side (mostly three days a week, and then two days one week) because of my never ending sinus infection and now getting too sore from being out of the running habit to run regularly.

So the fact that I have lost anything this entire month shows that maybe I am sort of getting the hang of basically restricting my diet without working out every day and without tracking every morsel. Or maybe I’m getting a wee bit cocky! Who knows?! But it gets me to thinking about something I’ve run across here and there on some blogs and on twitter. Intuitive Eating. Could that be something I am actually getting better at? In fact, last night, I didn’t finish all of my dinner. I actually paid attention to the fact that I was full instead of eating it because it was there. Hmmm. That’s a concept I rarely used to follow. I’ve been wondering if I will literally have to track my Weight Watchers points for the rest of my entire life… and I am hoping that is going to be many more years! That sounds like an awful lot of work! Maybe at some point in time I need to teach myself to be more intuitive and less anal about the exact amount of food to make it easier on me in the long run. And I wonder if someone like me is really capable of that? What do you think?

Weight: 128.4 lbs
Change this week: 0.0 lbs
Total lost: -72.7 lbs
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And if you’re wondering, it’s not actually week 38 on Weight Watchers, it’s just week 38 of giving weekly updates since re-committing myself to the program. :)

  1. Delishhh, 31 August, 2012

    Impressive – great journey to follow. And good for you for loosing so much!
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