Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 35

“Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” That’s what comes to mind this week. And you are saying to yourself, but you lost this week, so what’s wrong? Well, the last three days, I was actually down another pound. And per usual, I went right back up a pound for official weigh in day. I know, it’s normal, it happens. And realistically, I should be thrilled with any loss at this point! Being so close to goal weight, these last 10 lbs are going to be hard and stubborn. And the fact that I lost 2 lbs last week after a few days of eating quite badly on my mini-vacation was very lucky.

On top of that, I’ve been sick since Sunday. I’m fighting off a possible sinus infection, maybe just a cold. But I felt so bad, I took off work Monday and have spent most my time away from work in bed. I slept 12 hours on Sunday night. I’ve had no energy. In fact, I’ve been off the radar on twitter and facebook, as I don’t even feel like being social virtually! So I haven’t run or done any sort of activity since Saturday.  And yet, I still wear my fitbit, and sadly it tells me just how little I am doing!

The good news is that I managed to eat pretty well despite all this. I was only over points one day, and I didn’t even use all my weekly points. I have definitely been craving sweets though. I had enough points left every day to eat something sugar-y. Unfortunately, I know that isn’t good for me either, but it’s was also that time of the month, so I was doomed.

And even trying to get in extra sleep since being back at work yesterday and today has been difficult. I get glued to the the Olympics! I successfully avoid all news during the day so I can see it happen every night. I guess that’s part of why I have been ignoring twitter and facebook because I don’t want any spoiler alerts! Anyway, one might think that getting 7-8 hours of sleep is good enough, but my body really seems to need 10, especially when I am sick, and that is just not happening ever! I mean, when I am working out, I get more like 6-7. I don’t know how people get 8 hours sleep every night, work out, and do everything else they have to do. Do they ever have any time to relax left? That can’t be good for you either!

Anyway, I’m still feeling under the weather today. I forgot my medicine at home, and I’m still debating on whether to go get it or try to stick it out and just let it run its course without meds at this point. And I don’t know whether I should just start sucking it up, get less sleep, and get back out there and run tomorrow morning. I’m sure the diehards would say I should never have stopped running because I’m not that sick. I don’t have a fever, I’m not puking, I’m not on antibiotics. And I mean, let’s face it, I used to use the slightest bit of feeling sick as an excuse not to work out or eat right. And I think that scares me. At the same time, I don’t want to wear my body down and then really be down for the count for a longer period of time. I guess I shouldn’t be wondering what everybody else thinks and just listen to my body.

So I just sat here and listened. And my body says, no. My body says, do you feel that tightness in your chest and that pain in your throat and your head? My body says, I know it’s not that bad, but I am still tired and I need more sleep. I am very afraid that voice is the lazy part of my brain pretending to be sick. But realistically is one more day of not working out actually going to kill me? No. I’m not a body builder. I don’t compete in figure competitions. I’m not an Olympic athlete. I am still going to eat right. I am going to get at least 8 hours of sleep. If that’s all I can do for a whole damn week, then so be it. That’s a hell of a lot better than what I did for the last 6 or so years of my life. I just have to believe that I will get back out there when I feel better. I have to realize that I don’t have to be like those fitness fanatics because I’m just not one. I don’t have to be perfect because no one is.

And anyway, why am I being so down on myself!?! I’m supposed to be not looking a gift horse in the mouth, right!?! I lost 0.7 lbs on a week that I only earned 20 activity points! And I just realized that I still managed to log over 3 hours of activity for the week. I also managed to get in all of my Healthy Guideline checks except activity 4 days and only had 1 serving of dairy 1 day (which is still controversial in my mind as to how important that really is). Given my predicament, I did great. I’ve gotta give myself a break!

Weight: 133.8 lbs
Change this week: -0.7 lbs
Total lost: -67.3 lbs
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And if you’re wondering, it’s not actually week 35 on Weight Watchers, it’s just week 35 of giving weekly updates since re-committing myself to the program. :)

  1. Missie, 08 August, 2012

    You are doing great sweetie! Just keep the focus and you will get those last 10 pounds off – remember to look back at how far you have come!

  2. Sarah, 08 August, 2012

    Generally, the rule of thumb is that if it’s all above the neck, you’re typically ok to exercise. If you have issues below (you mentioned tightness in chest), rest is the best thing you can do for yourself. As backwards as it sounds, rest can be just as important as exercise (whether sick or not…) Hope you feel better soon and CONGRATS on the loss this week! If it had been me, I would easily be up 3 lbs from a few days of feeling ill…..

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