Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 34

Ok, so I was all excited about my progress this week, and then I got all slack! As you may recall, my weigh-in day is Wednesday, so I am two days late! So how about I somehow managed to basically make up for the 2.2 lbs I gained last week from my vacation! Yay! But really, what is even more amazing is that I was actually on another mini 4-day vacation this week and still managed to lose weight!

What were the secrets to my success? Well, I definitely planned ahead. I made sure I did well while I was at home the rest of the week. It was also a road-trip, so I could pack a little cooler, and I brought with me some Weight Watchers string cheese, Sparkling Ice drinks, Eggland’s Best hard boiled eggs already cooked, peeled, and in a convenient ziploc bag, a few small low sodium V8 juice cans, and some nectarines. My friend is notorious for having an over-abundance of not-necessarily-healthy foods when she has house guests! So my breakfasts consisted of 2 eggs, a V8 and a nectarine. The nectarines may have been a poor choice because they bruised. They don’t travel well. Oops. And the last day I was there, she made cinnamon rolls, pulled out a cheese danish, and her husband brought home Bojangles breakfast sandwiches and hash browns, and she said, “you have to have at least some of it because we never get to see you!” I don’t really understand that reasoning (did she not see all the junk I had already eaten that weekend?), but I have a weakness for bacon, egg and cheese biscuits and cheese danish, and I had been good for all my breakfasts so far, and I knew I was going home to eat healthy the rest of the day, so I caved!

Now as for the rest of my eating… well, there was a get together, as many guests were arriving the night I got there, involving alcohol, tacos, and cake for one person’s birthday. I easily avoided the cake because I knew we had more coming the next two days, and had a small amount of taco accouterments without the tortilla… and more than my share of adult beverages. I actually tried some Skinny Girl cocktails for the first time, by the way (I had the white cranberry cosmo, and it was good!), but they still aren’t sugar-free, so they can still add up pretty quickly! Come Saturday, was my godson’s 1st birthday party, which also had a bunch of appetizers, some standard cookout food… hotdogs, hamburgers, and then of course cake and cookies, and more libations. I tried to limit my food intake, but of course there was no measuring, so who knows! Oh, and I had to have that yummy cake! And then we went out to a bar that night and had more drinks, and by the time we got home I was starving, so I had a late night snack of macaroni and cheese and more cake! LOL Sunday, was yet another celebration, a baby shower… more food, more cake, more alcohol! And I had all of it! I still tried to limit myself, but I felt myself eating more than I had the last two days. It was all topped off with that Bojangles breakfast come Monday morning, and then headed I back to Atlanta to eat a little more healthy! Ok, so really, it was more like 2 and 1/2 days of bad food, and at least most my breakfasts were good, right? I surely must have limited my food intake more than I thought!

I also had a second secret weapon. This vacation I made myself get up and run every morning. I was dehydrated and it was hot, but I did it anyway, and I think it was key to my success. And I’m so proud of myself! Not to mention, I was one of the people prepping for all these parties, and we had kids to look after the whole time… that’s a lot of time on my feet and a lot of lifting (children) that I am not used to! Of course I wore my fitbit the whole time, and I got about 9,000-12,000 steps each day.

On top of all that, I prepared for when I got home too. Before I left, I made up all my food for my breakfasts and lunches for the week. I also made sure I had some pre-made entrees in the freezer so that I wouldn’t have to cook. That was the best idea ever! I had no excuses! And I sooo didn’t feel like doing a thing when I got back, but I was able to get right back into my eating routine! I didn’t track at all the whole week either, even on the days I was home. In fact, for the last two weeks, I didn’t really measure while at home, but I limited myself. It was nice not to have to worry about that for a bit. But trust that I am back to measuring and tracking! I still want to try to lose that last 9.5 lbs, so I have to be good! Now, here’s to a good week at home this week!

Weight: 134.5 lbs
Change this week: -2.0 lbs
Total lost: -66.6 lbs
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And if you’re wondering, it’s not actually week 34 on Weight Watchers, it’s just week 34 of giving weekly updates since re-committing myself to the program. :)

  1. Missie, 06 August, 2012

    Great job on your vacation! That is awesome to drag yourself out of bed!

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