Nothing Like a Cool Music Mix to Get My Cardio On! {Songza iPhone app review}

So I am sucker for anything tech-y that can help me in my gettin’ healthy journey. I’ve found a super-cool song app that I have been using consistently on my walks and runs, and I thought, I just must share it with you!

I sort of stumbled upon Songza on a page on Facebook a few months ago. (Ok, so I can’t remember what page I was on, so I can’t give them credit! Though I’d love to! I seriously just scanned some pages I “liked” and gave up!) The link was promoting the American Heart Association Kickstart Your Heart Music Mix and that totally caught my eye. A music mix by the AHA would surely help motivate me on my walk! (I was only walking back then!) So it turns out that song mix was on Songza. Since I was on my laptop, it took me to their website, but I promptly searched for and downloaded their app on my iphone.

Songza is pretty cool, so it was a very happy discovery! Songza basically has music gurus put together these playlists, and there are no ads! Even better, Songza is not just an iPhone app, you can get it for Android, Kindle Fire, or on the regular ol’ internet on your computer. And even better-er, it’s all free!!!

(Ok, just so you know, going forward, I am referring to how the iPhone app works.) So, when you pull it up, you basically get a music “Concierge” that recognizes what day of the week and time of day (Morning, Late Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, or Late Nite) it is, and it provides you with some activities you may be doing. So, for example, on a “Sunday Evening” (like in the picture up there), it gave me “Working Out,” “Relaxing at Home,” “Work or Study,” “Creating a Cool Atmosphere,” “Cooking Dinner,” or “Spending Time with Your Kids.” When you select an activity, it then asks you what type of music you want. When I selected “Working Out,” it gave me the choices of “Eclectic Mixes,” “Rock,” “Dance,” “Pop,” or “Rap.” Each of those categories has a few choices of  mixes to choose from.

Ok, so sometimes the activity you are doing doesn’t automatically come up. For instance, when I walk on “Friday Evening,” “Working Out” does not come up. (I guess I am the only moron not out having a good time!) Luckily, the Songza geniuses have thought of that too! You’ve got options. First, if you want to play a mix you’ve already listened to, it will be under “My Playlists,” under “Recent.” You can also favorite a mix and it will be under My Playlists too. Yay!

So what if you are sick of those mixes and “Working Out” was not a category you were presented with? Well, just head on over to “Explore.” Here you can browse several ways, with one of them being “Activities.” But hold on, you can’t find the “Working Out” category! Well, these particular activities are a little more detailed than what you get from the “Concierge.”  So there are several related categories to choose from:  “Weight Lifting,” “Workout Cool Down,” “Yoga,” or “Cardio Workout.”

So while the American Heart Association Kickstart Your Heart Music Mix that I originally stumbled upon is a great playlist (And as it turns out, Songza donates 10 cents per listener to the AHA for that mix too!), I have been experimenting with other Working Out recommendations from the Songza concierge, including NPR’s Ultimate Workout Mix, Indie Workout, and Marathon Workout, but  I think I have found my favorite! I am really loving the Drop-A-Beat Workout! I may be 37, but I have the soul of a 20-something party girl, so this gets my top vote! Check out a few songs I listened to just the other day:

Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor
Tinie Tempah – Written In The Stars
Martin Solveig – Hello
Roscoe Dash – Good Good Night
Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger (Remix)
Ke$ha – We R Who We R
Britney Spears – Till The World Ends
Lady GaGa – Born This Way
Akon – Troublemaker
LMFAO – Sorry for Party Rocking
David Guetta – Little Bad Girl

The songs are generally fast enough that I don’t lose my walking pace. And I say “generally” because a few songs here and there are slower than my normal pace, which is about a 14-16.5 minute mile, but the good majority are right on target! For some reason, when I am walking I like to walk with a beat, but running, I don’t always feel the need to run on the beat. Weird, huh? So, that being said, I actually alternate a lot between the AHA and the drop-a-beat mixes for my runs. They are definitely my favorite.

I also love that there are so many different playlists and ways to discover those playlists on Songza! I think anyone could find something that appeals to them to motivate them through a workout, and well, any activity!

Oh, and one more small item you might want to know, I signed up for Songza with my facebook account, and now every mix I listen to gets posted on my timeline and sent through the status update feed. So, don’t be listening to nothing that you wouldn’t want your facebook friends to know about. 😉 Of course, I’ve gotten a few fb friends hooked on Songza from seeing my posts too. Guess Songza knew what they were doing!

  1. marisol, 16 July, 2012

    Pandora who? I use this app more than Spotify and I pay for that service monthly. I really like the playlist because it always knows that I want to listen to. I love discovering new songs and remembering old ones. I also use FitRadio for working out. Have you tried that one?

  2. DivaonaDiet, 17 July, 2012

    I know! I haven’t used Pandora in forever! I was always trying to “fast forward” to the next song because I didn’t like the songs coming up, and I would get stopped because of licensing. I rarely skip songs on Songza. And I haven’t used Spotify, although I have heard of it. I just downloaded FitRadio recently, actually! I had a problem with it dropping out the first time I used it, but this morning Songza was dropping out, so I tried FitRadio again with no problems. It’s pretty cool. Once I listen to some more stations/mixes, I just may post a review of that too!

  3. Missie, 17 July, 2012

    I love this app too!

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