Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 30

Holy moly! What a crazy loss this week! And I can’t tell you that I did anything especially wonderful. In fact, I ended up not doing any activity two days this week (and usually it’s only one day off for my “rest” day), but I still managed to get 37 activity points for the week. After going over my weekly and all 43 of my activity points the week prior and still pulling out a loss, I guess having 8 weekly points left over this week worked out! And I even went out and had french fries and drinks on Tuesday night, so I was kinda shocked at such a good weigh in the next morning!

So wow. I’ve lost over 65 lbs now. Still seems unbelievable. I went through all the clothes in  my closets this past weekend and tried everything on (and boy did that take a long time!), but I got rid of so much because everything was so big on me! I even kept a few things that were big but that I could still get away with. But some, I had to force myself to get rid of because why should I be wearing clothes that are too big for me! I need to be showing it off, right?!? No more hiding behind my big ol’ baggy clothes! I mean, I went shopping recently at my fav stores (Kohl’s and New York & Company), and I was in shock because I was putting on small shirts and size 6 pants and sometimes they were too baggy! I bought size 4 shorts! I don’t need to be walking around in those size 10 pants anymore!

Now you may recall my mentioning that my weight goal is sort of up in the air. I wanted to listen to my body and see where it wants to be. I thought maybe my body was going to keep me around 140, and then bam, here I am at 135! I set my goal at 125, although at just over 200 lbs, I knew that was quite lofty! However, now that I am 10 lbs away and can still see fat on my belly, I figure why would I stop now… why would I give up? Plenty of people say I don’t need to lose any more, but my body fat percentage is still not in a “normal” range even though my weight is, and I’d really like to work on that. I don’t know if 125 is attainable or moreover, maintainable, but I am sure as hell going to try. Especially because I know the older I get, the harder it continues to get with that metabolism going all crazy with age! I sort of want to have “padding” (no pun intended!) so I can stay within the healthy weight range when I most likely gain weight as I get older! We’ll see though. I still don’t have my heart set on it, but I am definitely still not adding points back into my diet for maintenance just yet. And it may be that I don’t get there for a while too. That’s okay too.

Weight: 135.0 lbs
Change this week: -4.2 lbs
Total lost: -66.1 lbs
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And if you’re wondering, it’s not actually week 30 on Weight Watchers, it’s just week 30 of giving weekly updates since re-committing myself to the program. :)

  1. stephanie, 08 July, 2012

    hey i just stumbled across your blog and you are such an inspiration to me. I’m trying to get myself to the same 125 goal but I kinda scared to start the weight watchers program

  2. Missie, 09 July, 2012

    Congrats! That is amazing! If you can figure out how to get rid of the little belly fat you have left let me know – I am working on it too – just doesn’t seem to go anywhere

  3. DivaonaDiet, 09 July, 2012

    Well, thank you! It still seems weird to be an inspiration to anyone! And don’t be afraid to give weight watchers a shot! It is the best way to learn how to eat better and live your life!!!

  4. DivaonaDiet, 09 July, 2012

    Girl, if I figure that out, I will definitely let you know! I’m still not hard-core gym-girl, so I may never find the secret!

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