Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 22 and 23

Well, I missed another update week again. My how time flies! And it was a doozy last week… I lost 3.5 pounds! I think that fully secured my 50 total pounds lost that I was so scared of going back over (if you read my last post)! Whew!

And it was such a big loss, that my weekly average for the last 4 weeks went up above a 2 lb per week average, and I got that little “talking to” from the Weight Watchers Online tracker that says I was losing weight too fast. I always have to laugh in its “face” because that’s never really the case. It always ends up evening out. After a big loss like that, I usually follow with a very small one or I break even. This week’s weigh in is case in point.

To be honest, I really thought it was about time for a gain. In fact, I weighed myself yesterday, and I had gained since last week, but I managed to squeak out a 0.4 lb loss when I weighed in this morning. I am super all right with that! I’ll take it! And with that comes my 23rd week of losing weight (and breaking even once)! Really? Yes. And I am starting to piss people off!

Why? Maybe it’s because I bitch and moan and worry and then still lose every week. Or maybe because they think I am sitting around with my legs propped up eating bon-bons all day and I still lose weight. Or maybe because no one’s actually seen “before and after” pictures of me, so they think I am lying and just trying to make everyone else miserable. I don’t know!

I’m fairly certain that I would be jealous of me too! And actually, I have been in the past. This isn’t my first rodeo, folks. I suffered several years of failure and gaining even more weight over those years. So, I feel your pain. Even now, I always think I could be eating better, working out more, and losing more! I blame The Biggest Loser. Although inspiring, it also makes me think I am super-human and can do as much as they do while still holding down a full time job and having a life!

Not everyone is able to lose weight every week. As I say, every “body” is different. I’ve finally learned that comparing your progress to others gets you nowhere but sad and frustrated! Just because you are not losing every week does not mean you are not doing amazing healthy things for your body! So pull up your big girl panties, keep on keepin’ on, and be happy for yourself!!!

(See, no bitching and moaning from me this week! And P.S. “Before and After” or should I say “before and progress” pictures coming soon… just in case there are nay-sayers. 😉 )

Weight: 146.3 lbs
Change this week: -0.4 lbs
Total lost: -54.8 lbs
You can also check all my progress 😉

And if you’re wondering, it’s not actually week 23 on Weight Watchers, it’s just week 23 of giving weekly updates since re-committing myself to the program. :)

  1. Kelly @ Curvy Fit Girl, 21 May, 2012

    Hey, that’s an awesome loss! Congrats!

  2. Diatta, 22 May, 2012

    How do you deal with the points?

  3. DivaonaDiet, 23 May, 2012

    I almost always use my Weekly Points, but I must say, even so, I have some days where I am under on my Daily Points. I have once or twice used a couple Activity Points, but again, tend to have a few days under my Daily Points. I know that is frowned upon, but it just happens to work out that way some days! I don’t want to eat if I am not hungry! :)

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