Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 17 and 18

Yep, that’s TWO weeks… a little behind again! I was gonna post an update last week, but I wanted to get out my Meatless Monday post and by then, it was almost “Weigh In Wednesday” again! So here we are!

So I have had a very good two weeks! Week 17, I lost 2.1 lbs, and this week, I lost 3.1 lbs, which brought me another one of those bouncy 5 lb stars!

Not to mention, this past Saturday, I did my final weigh in for the Dr. Oz Transformation Nation Million Dollar Challenge, and I officially lost 13.73% since my official weigh in on January 4th! That qualifies me for that $1 million dollar prize! (Ok, so I’m not getting my hopes up. I bet a lot of people made 10%, especially those who weighed in on the first week back in November! There really should be a calculation based on the amount of time you had too, but who am I? Turns out that 20% of the evaluation is how much I “referred a friend” through the ShareCare website by emailing, tweeting and facebooking messages to get others others to join. LAME. Plus they were supposed to select the top 200 finalists on or around 4/9, and an essay completed by the top 200 finalists needs to be submitted by 6pm TODAY, and I’ve heard from no one! Boo hoo! So, I guess I bow out gracefully for not wanting to relentlessly fill up my twitter feed and send spammy messages to my friends in order to win. I am gonna be all Oscar-speech-like and say,  it was just an honor just to qualify! LOL)

So speaking of contests, Saturday was also weigh in day for week 6 of the Monica’s Birthday Challenge hosted by the fabulous Dacia Lee. And I was the leader again for the third week in a row with a 6.51% loss since we started! There are just two weeks left! If I can’t win a million dollars, I could use some of the cool stuff Dacia is gonna give away!

And as if these two great accomplishments weren’t enough, I got the numbers back my doctor’s visit. NORMAL! What? Yes, that’s right, all the numbers on my cholesterol panel were NORMAL!

Total = 172 (ideal, under 200 / Oct = 283, Feb = 199)
LDL “bad” = 95 (ideal, under 100 / Oct = 174, Feb = 116)
HDL “good” = 48 (ideal, over 60, normal, over 45 / Oct = 36, Feb = 38)
Triglycerides = 144 (ideal, under 150 / Oct = 364, Feb = 227)

Now, I had gone on cholesterol meds back in November for the first time. But since losing 30 lbs since my last visit and already seeing an improvement in my numbers checked by my endocrinologist in February, she took me off the medication! She believes that losing that much weight and walking are the true reason why these numbers have improved so much. Yay! I go back in three months for a re-check, so I hope I can keep it down and get that “good” cholesterol above 60 all on my own without those harsh meds! Seriously, I am just way too young to be on that stuff!

So there ya go. It’s not often I am not hard on my self about one thing or another. But I am damn proud of myself and what I have been able to do for my body… and for my health. It feels good to see my hard work pay off! Yay me!

Weight: 155.2 lbs
Change this week: -3.1 lbs
Total lost: -45.9 lbs
You can also check all my progress  😉

And if you’re wondering, it’s not actually week 18 on Weight Watchers, it’s just week 18 of giving weekly updates since re-committing myself to the program. :)

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  2. Missie, 12 April, 2012

    Congrats! Awesome job!

  3. Dominique, 12 April, 2012

    Congrats on your loss!

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