Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 11

Akkk, I just realized I hadn’t done my update for the week! And well, I really thought it was about time for a week where I didn’t lose very much, if at all. I’ve had a few weeks in a row of decent losses, so it usually stalls a bit. But nope, here it is, another 1.6 lbs lost!

I didn’t met my Healthy Check Guidelines here and there, but I didn’t get all of them not one day this week. Mostly I didn’t get my healthy oils this week. I guess I was just not having it! I was sick of using two points a day for such a small amount of food! And I was back down at 26 Activity Points this week after getting 34 last week, but I didn’t use any of them this week. I was totally lazy for two days, and didn’t do any activity… I think maybe one of those days I managed to get enough every day steps in to get me 1 point. And then I only used 26 of my Weekly PointsPlus, and usually tend not to lose as much when I don’t use all 49. Well, what have we learned here? That there is no set formula of what points I use and don’t use that can predict how much I lose! What can I learn from this? To keep trying, but don’t expect perfection or a precise formula. To make sure I get at least some activity in because it’s not going to be amazing amounts every week when you really don’t like working out that much! To not give up, not give up, not give up!

Here’s what’s the coolest part of this week! I got my blood work back from my endocrinologist appointment last week, and guest what? My Total Cholesterol came back as 199… NORMAL!!! I cannot tell you the last time I have seen that!!! My last test in October 2011, just 4 months ago, came back as 283! And my Bad Cholesterol (LDL) went from 174 in October to 116! Whoa! What a HUGE improvement!  I am still sort of in shock that it has changed so much. Now, granted, I did go on cholesterol medication in October as well, but I just know my weight loss, healthier eating, being better about actually taking my 4000mg of fish oil every day, and exercise have got to be helping me! Also, my glucose, which normally comes in at 94-99, came in at 88 (which it is supposed to be 65-99), and my A1C came in at 5.2, down from 5.6 in May 2011 and 5.3 in August 2011 (which it should be under 5.7 for decreased risk of diabetes). Alas, my totals were by no means perfect yet though. My Good Cholesterol (HDL) only went up a lousy 2 points to 38, and it’s supposed to be 46 or higher. It still went up though, right?!? And my triglycerides, which are always my worst, actually went down from 364 in October to 227, but I still have a little ways to go to get it under 150. So anyway, half my cholesterol is back in normal range, and half is still at risk… so I’m half way there… in just 4 months too! By the end of this year, my heart and blood vessels are gonna be so happy!

Weight: 168.3 lbs
Change this week: -1.6 lbs
Total lost: -32.8 lbs
You can also check all my progress 😉

And if you’re wonder, it’s not actually week 11 on Weight Watchers, it’s just week 11 of giving weekly updates since re-committing myself to the program. :)

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