Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 5

I'd Be Voted Off the Biggest Loser Again This WeekSo, this #WeighInWednesday morning, I spent 9 minutes weighing in! I stepped on the scale 21 times for a reading! (I know this, because it’s a Withings WiFi Scale, and it automatically records all this info and sends it off to my account, and I LOVE that!) But see, I have a VERY tiny bathroom, so there is limited space to put the scale. And where it resides, I cannot weigh myself there, or I would have to lean to one side and back to avoid hitting anything. So I have to move the scale over every time I weigh to stand on it properly. This morning, when I moved it over, and stepped on, it was showing a 2.6 lb loss since yesterday, and I thought, there is NO WAY, so I thought maybe it was not in the same spot as usual. Sometimes it does that… complete UNDER-weighs me, and then I move it, and it of course goes up to a normal amount of weight lost in one day. So, looking at my 21 weigh ins in various locations on my bathroom floor, my weight ranged from 177.1 to 181.3 in 9 minutes! That’s a variance of 4.2 lbs! For a $150 freaking scale, I was steaming mad at this inaccuracy! So before I bitched someone out in their customer service department, I checked the Withings website. And well, another lesson learned… READ DIRECTIONS! The website says, if you notice a difference in weight between 2 close weigh-ins, this is due to the fact that after moving the body scale, you must wait about 4 seconds before getting back on to weigh-in. Another section actually says to wait 8 seconds. Crap. Did I do that? No way. I was moving that scale all over the bathroom and getting on it immediately. So, after that “user error” debacle, I decided I would use my weigh in on Thursday morning as the official one for the week… waiting a full 8 seconds before getting on! And the official weigh was a 0.2 lbs loss. I really feel defeated, and I would be off that damn Biggest Loser ranch for sure this week! Am I really not trying hard enough? So it was time to think about what i did this week…

The Good Things: 

  1. I met all my healthy guidelines EVERY DAY this week! — FIRST TIME EVERY IN MY ENTIRE ON AND OFF STINT ON WEIGHT WATCHERS!!!
  2. I meet my target points EXACTLY for 5 days, was one under one day, and one over another day, which I think evens everything out!
  3. I still lost weight since last week!
  4. I have not gone back up over my 10% goal.
  5. I was actually up 1.5 lbs at some point this week, so I was able to get that back off plus 0.2 lbs!
  6. My body fat percentage has dropped 2.5% in one week! Which could very possibly explain why it’s not showing up on the scale in my overall weight? (Kinesiology and health experts, feel free to chime in at any moment!)
  7. I finally took my measurements this week, so that going forward, I can hopefully see some sort of transformation when the number doesn’t budge on the scale!
  8. I am weighing and measuring everything I can that I eat. Like, I make individual turkey burgers, and I weigh the amount of meat used in each, and log it at 4.7 oz exactly on fitbit and weight watchers online tools.

The Bad Things:

  1. Weight Watchers recommends getting up to 6 Activity Points per day eventually. I feel like I can barely fit in the 2-5 points I get, even though I am doing the the generally recommended 30 minutes a day of activity. However, I don’t feel like I worked out hard enough this week. And I hate working out, and I am incredibly out of shape, so it hurts, and I sometimes cry through tougher workouts, so it is really hard to actually make myself do something that is going to make me cry and hurt! I know. Excuses. I’m full of them. Plus, I just glanced at a few articles online saying it should be moderate activity, and if you want to lose weight, it will most likely need to be more. Thank god I won the “Working Out Sucks!” book from Cait Plus Ate! I just got it in the mail today, and I think I need to start reading it. STAT.
  2. I am trying to get 65-76g of protein in a day, according to the calculations by the Protein Power plan that I used to follow ages ago and still believe in the importance of getting protein. However, I don’t meet that every day.
  3. Some days my sodium intake is over the recommended max of 2300mg. And I know they say 1500mg for people with high blood pressure, but they can forget it. I can hardly do 2300. I like salt. I can’t give up everything, and my BP has been very good lately. So hey, there’s something else that is actually good good for me.
  4. I’m not getting the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep per night, and I have no idea how I can get that in. When it comes to exercise and enjoying my life or sleep, I choose exercising and enjoying my life. I guess I could stop blogging, and stop relaxing at all, right? ha ha I really would like to as Dr. Oz how much sleep a night he gets with his busy schedule. I know health-wise it is better, but really, in all actuality, can not getting enough sleep keep you from losing weight? (Again, health experts… advice wanted.)
  5. I was not able to cook  breakfast at home most days. And that means I grab some pre-packaged thing I can eat at work, which means less protein (no eggs), higher carbs, and less points, and then it leaves too many points for me to eat at the end of the day. I need to do a better job of preparing, like by making a frittata I can freeze in individual portions on Sunday, and just heat them up each day.

The Not Sure if They Are Good or Bad Things:

  1. I didn’t use my 49 PointsPlus.  Ok, technically I used one. But I was under one the very next day. But could I possibly be under eating? I don’t feel hungry, and well, I was losing more weight when I was eating less, so I am now scared to eat anymore! And to my understanding, there are people who don’t use there extra points, right?
  2. I eat most of my points in the evening. I should probably spread it out more. But I like the fact that I don’t have to restrict my dinner so much, and can sometimes eat butter and chocolate! Shouldn’t I be able to do that? I really made an effort to eat before 9:00pm each night this week. And I don’t go to bed before 12:00 midnight, so that is 3 hours. Do I need to stop eating even earlier? It’s hard just to get in my exercise and make dinner in enough time to eat before 8pm. And I put off my lunch until 2pm most days. Can I save most my points for dinner? Because I am really enjoying my dinners!
  3. I can’t figure out whether to work out before or after dinner. I’ve read articles about both. (How about some advice from some people who have actually lost the over 50 lbs? What did you do?)

And then there’s the Dr. Oz Transformation Nation. I’ve got to weigh in at 165.2 lbs at a Weight Watchers meeting the week of April 2nd-9th to qualify for the $1million prize, and losing 0.6 lbs last week and 0.2 lbs this week has made me less than confident that I can pull off another 10% loss in about 13 weeks. My official weigh in on January 4th was 183.6 lbs, which was 3.5 lbs higher than my weigh that morning at home. So I entered 161 as my goal weight in fitbit with a food plan that is harder intensity (the hardest there is), and it said I would reach it by March 14th. It has since moved to March 18th. That is still in plenty of time for the April weigh in, but it is inching closer and closer. I hope it is correct. Of course, I am “undereating” most days according to its “hardest” calorie food plan, even though I am eating my daily target points. Ugh. Who’s right?!?!

And then, I find myself thinking that I need to be skinny and buff, and forgetting that the ultimate goal here is to be healthy. If I am not mistaken, I am not eating that poorly, but I am no nutritionist. (Dietians out there… what do you think?) I am meeting healthy guidelines and getting 30 minutes of activity. Supposedly that is what it takes to get healthy. What if it doesn’t show on the scale? And if I actually focus on the getting healthy, instead of the getting skinny, then I am doing great, even if I never get skinny, right? It’s just so annoying and hard, when last month, I wasn’t meeting all my HCG’s every day, I was eating under my target points most days, and then 1-2 days I would use all my 49 weekly points, mostly on booze and dining out, and I was not getting 30 minutes of activity every day, and I was losing over 2 lbs a week. It is so frustrating that when you do the right thing, you don’t lose! And when you do the wrong thing, well, ok, not the wrong thing because I could have just eaten my face off, but when you choose the less than stellar route, the pounds just fly off! It makes me want to go back to hardly eating anything during the week, and binge drinking and eating on the weekends like I was basically doing!

Ok, have I vented enough? Have I argued with myself back and forth that I am doing good, that I am not doing good, and then that I am doing bad, over and over enough?!?! Yes. I have. But I want to end on a high note. So, since I am kind of a numbers person, I pulled up some more stats. I have to be happy with what I’ve done so far, and just keep trucking.

Which reminds me. I also did a more detailed list of what activity I did and what my food and nutrition was… in case you are that “expert” that wants to take a look at what I am doing and give me some advice! Check it out here.

Monthly Statistics: Dec 14 – Jan 11
Weight change over 4 weeks: -6.3 lbs (-10 last week)
Average weekly: 1.6 lbs (2.5 last week)
Average Daily Points Used: 29.6 (30 last week)
Average Activity Points: 16.6 (17.3 last week)
Average Weekly Points Used: 22.6 (39.8 last week)

Since June 2011:
I’ve lost 10.5% of my starting body weight
My body fat percentage has dropped -6.4%
My rounded BMI has gone from a 35, at the top of the “Obese” category, to a 31, two away from the “Overweight” category

Weight: 179.9 lbs
Change this week: -0.2 lbs
Total lost: -21.2 lbs
You can also check all my progress 😉

And if you’re wonder, it’s not actually week 5 on Weight Watchers, it’s just week 5 of giving weekly updates. :)

  1. Sarah, 16 January, 2012

    So, I meant to comment when I originally read your post, but…. When I was reading your comment about the bonus points, it reminded me of when I did WW a few years ago. The week where I lost the most weight was the week I ate all of my daily, exercise and weekly bonus points. As memory serves, I also ate most of the points in healthy food (fruits/veggies). I distinctly remember (even years later) thinking I was NOT hungry all week- in fact, I remember being concerned that there was NO way I was going to eat all my points b/c I was never hungry. So, all that to say- maybe try eating ALL the points allowed and see where you shake out. Good job on the blog and the weight loss journey!!

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