Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 4

Late for work for the second day of 2012… so much for that resolution. Burnt my breakfast and spilled my green tea. What I thought was a colony of zits forming near the corner of my lips, might well be a giant cold sore… either way, it looks disgusting. My calves are so sore it hurts every time I get up to walk, and my neck and chin are somehow sore, either by swollen glands (great, I’m could be getting sick) or by tensing up when doing planks yesterday for the first time (possibly ever). And I woke up to a very bloated belly. Let’s just say it’s not been a good morning.

When I saw my stomach all sticking out, I did not have a good feeling about this morning’s weigh in. I gained 1.5 pounds since a record low weight (since June 2011) on Sunday. So, yeah, I was pissed. But still, overall on the week, I lost 0.6 lbs. I am trying to be happy, but I am still pissed.

I'd Be Voted Off The Biggest Loser This WeekI am pissed because I did not go over my points. I am pissed because I worked out a ton this week (hence the sore muscles noted above), and all I could pull out was a measly 0.6 lbs?!? I would surely be voted off The Biggest Loser ranch for that hot mess.

Fortunately, I had a small twinge of happiness when I logged my weight, and the Weight Watchers tracker said (make that read): “You lost again this week! Congratulations, and keep doing exactly what you’re doing!” At least for once it wasn’t telling me I was doing something wrong (aka losing too fast). And for a minute there, I was happy that I did lose SOMETHING, and hell, I didn’t gain! I did say just last night, that the last three weeks have been amazing losses for me that I was expecting a slow week soon. So, I took a gander at the monthly progress report in my Weight Watchers tracker, and these stats made me feel pretty good about what I have been doing:

Dec 7 – Jan 3
Weight change over 4 weeks: -10 lbs
Average weekly: 2.5 lbs
Average Daily Points Used: 30
Average Activity Points: 17.3
Average Weekly Points Used: 39.8

So, what did I do this week?…

  1. I splurged 2 days, each day coming in at 53 and 56 points. The other 5 days, I was under my 27 PointsPlus target (18, 19, 24, 26, and 20).
  2. I earned 33 activity points (the most I have logged ever!), by walking outside or on the treadmill, doing Wii Fit and Wii Biggest Loser, and doing lots of steps by walking around the house or stepping up and down on my Wii Balance Board while watching TV.
  3. I started using my fitbit on Friday, December 30th, and have averaged 10,000 steps a day.
  4. I met my minimum goal to do at least 30 minutes of any activity for 6 days. On Thursday, I only did 20 minutes. However, it was moderate, activity walking over 3.0 MPH on the treadmill… better than just light activity, right?
  5. I started a 4 week challenge on my Wii Biggest Loser game on Monday. My challenge is to lose 12 lbs in 4 weeks. I did the training plan on Monday, and even though there was no training scheduled for Tuesday, I did an short upper body workout.
  6. I used all my 49 extra PointsPlus, and I swapped out 6 of my weekly activity points.
  7. I did pretty good with healthy check guidelines (HCGs) most of the week. I am especially excited that the last three days (Sun-Tues), I met all of them except healthy oils! (I sort of hate that one anyway, having to add olive oil to crap, and it’s 1 point for 1 measly little teaspoon!)
  8. I started tracking food on fitbit too. According to it, I was under my target goal calories every day I tracked (Fri-Tues) (1013, 1805, 1017, 1255, and 1011 calories).
  9. I ended up eating a lot of calories/points at the end of the day, most days up to 10:00pm, and I was going to bed around midnight.

Thoughts on why my loss was small:

  1. Undereating! I can’t even believe I am saying that! I am under on PointsPlus most days, I chose going “hard” on my diet on fitbit, and it still shows I can eat between 1700-1900 calories based on my steps, miles, and weight, calories burned, etc. And the Wii Biggest Loser challenge to lose 12 lbs in 4 weeks put me at 1500 calories a day. Well, my PointsPlus daily target went down again from 27 to 26 per day, so maybe I will have an easier time meeting that.
  2. Not eating enough during the day/Eating too late at night. I think I am becoming a “point hoarder.” I know I might want a treat or I want to eat what I want for dinner, so I try to eat very little during the day. But then I get home, and I am still really watching what I eat because I am afraid I will go over and I am out of weekly points from my splurges, and then I end up full, and then I eat again later because I am hungry again and I have under eaten, but I am still under! It’s becoming a vicious cycle! So, I think I need to do better about eating more during the day, and not eating late at night. As my little Wii Fit cartoon character board says in the video game, I shouldn’t eat late night snacks!
  3. Being new to all this physical fitness? I have worked out more this week than I have in probably, EVER! I only just started to workout more than once or twice a month, if at all (yes, seriously), a month ago. This week, I pushed myself harder than ever, and I have sore muscles to prove it. My mom told me she read that when someone is new to working out, water is one of the things that flushes the muscles to repair it, and those new to exercise have a lot of muscle repairing to do, so you carry extra water weight. I am not sure about that. I tried to google it, and couldn’t really come up with anything. I even checked to see if it could be that I am gaining more muscle and losing fat. My fancy wifi scale measures body fat percentage too, but it’s only gone down 0.5% since last week. My percentages are so bad, I can’t even bear to list them! And since I was checking, I looked back, and since I officially started Weight Watchers again back in June 2011, it has gone down 3.9% as of today, which I suppose is good, but since then it’s measured even lower than what it measured today… and it’s gotten worse by 2.1% since October 28th! Ouch! So I am not sure that any of this entire reason is true!
  4. I haven’t given my body enough time to respond. I read on About.com (where content is reviewed by a Medical Review Board) that Cathy Leman of NutriFit, who also points to under eating as well, said that sometimes the body needs to readjust to more activity and new eating habits, and it can take weeks or even months for your body to respond. Unfortunately, patience is a virtue, and I am not very virtuous. 😉
  5. No point counting over the holidays caught up with me. I really don’t know exactly how I did during my visit to my parents. We weren’t strict low carbing or eating low calorie/low fat, we had wine every night, which I had cut back on before I went, and one day I had a ton of full-fat artichoke dip and a giant bowl of popcorn (albeit it was microwave popped and had a bunch of butter flavor cooking spray, so it could have been worse!), and the breakfast casserole I had three days in a row did have regular bread in it, as well as regular cheese and pork sausage, so I wouldn’t say that the whole week was stellar eating. And my friend over on Twitter, Pat Barone, says “It takes 10 days to make a pound of fat, or burn one, so daily shifts on the scale mean NOTHING.” It’s been about 8 days since I left their house, so maybe that’s it!
  6. I’m not actually on The Biggest Loser ranch. ‘nough said.

Weight: 180.1 lbs
Change this week: -0.6 lbs
Total lost: -21.0 lbs
You can also check all my progress 😉

And if you’re wonder, it’s not actually week 4 on Weight Watchers, it’s just week 4 of giving weekly updates. :)

  1. Melissa (@TheDailyMel), 04 January, 2012

    I’m a firm believer that rapidly increasing one’s physical activity (especially with resistance training) will cause the muscles to hold water and potentially cause weight gain. This is one of the things that I think often discourages people when they first start getting active. They expect to drop a really big number and then don’t. If you persevere and stick with it, the scale WILL catch up. You just might have to be patient for a couple of weeks. Hang in there!

  2. DivaonaDiet, 04 January, 2012

    Thanks, Mel! This is the first time I have actually been into actually doing a lot of fitness. It is good to hear someone else confirm the muscles holding water thing! I am not going to give up! I know it is good for me, no matter what the scale says!

  3. Courtney Lee, 10 January, 2012

    Hey girl, read your post and want to tell you to please not feel discouraged because you are ABSOLUTELY right about your body retaining fluids after starting a new exercise regimen! I can tell that this is likely the case, especially since you said that this is the HARDEST you have worked out in a while! :) Here’s why:

    You said you couldn’t find anything online so I tried to look for myself since I know I learned about this in my exercise science class this past semester. This article does a great job of explaining


    Take this water retention as an indicator that you have pushed your muscles HARD, and they are responding!! Let the fact that your entire body is sorer than ever be a motivator! That’s how I try and look at things as well haha I also see it as my body telling me that it still needs work and can be improved. Keep pushing and hope to stay in touch! I’m a nutrition and health promotion minor and am really trying to educate myself extensively on all things fitness and nutrition so if you need any support, advice, help, recipes (got a ton of healthy ones!) just let me know! :)

  4. DivaonaDiet, 10 January, 2012

    Thanks for finding that article for me! I actually heard them talk about the water weight lost on The Biggest Loser tonight too! Will definitely stay in touch!

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