Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 3 (a little late!)… Oh and Happy New Years Eve!

Akk, I’m a little late this week. My usual weigh in day is on Wednesday, but I didn’t get home from visiting my parents for the holidays until Wednesday evening. Since my weigh in is on my fancy wi-fi scale, in the morning, before eating, and with no clothes, there was no way I was going to weigh in when I got home, and I didn’t weigh myself the entire time I was away because of all that. So, I weighed in on Thursday morning, and I really was in shock by my number! I decided I wouldn’t post an update until I weighed again on Friday because I was just convinced that it must be taking a few days for the weight gain from my out of town visit to show up on that scale. Come Thursday, I had gained a little, but not much, so then I decided to wait just one more day to see if it goes up some more before I make this announcement. Low and behold, this morning, I was actually down lower than what I weighed on Thursday! So, ladies and gentleman, I am certain it is official… I HAVE LOST 10% OF MY BODY WEIGHT!!!

10% Target Goal at Weight WatchersSomehow I managed to lose about 3 lbs while out of town visiting my parents for 6 days! I didn’t track points and even the planned low carb holiday got a little more carb-y than expected with extra glasses of wine and real bread instead of spelt bread. So I had to think about what I did do. I realized that I made a conscious effort to not overeat, and if I was still hungry, I would try to choose the less fattening, less carb option. All of our desserts were sugar free and lower carb. I also still managed to drink a lot of water, and I didn’t snack just because it was there (what usually gets me in trouble when I am away). Me and my dad played my new Wii game, Deca Sports, a few times, and we went for walks on most of the days. I also didn’t really eat anything at the airport, which is usually another place where I just lose all control for no reason, just because. So, I don’t really know how I did it besides that. I just didn’t go all crazy and say, “it’s the holidays,” and sit on my fat ass and eat!

Now, this is not the first time I have reached that 10% goal. A few years ago, when I went to actual Weight Watchers meetings, I met that goal and got my little key chain, and well, look where I ended up… all the way back at the beginning and then some. I am elated to finally be at that 10% goal, and during the holidays to boot! I definitely have #back2basics to thank for this great kick-start in December! And I refuse to let my achievement get me complacent again, as it seems I did in the past. I am taking that 10% and running with it! (Well, walking with it, because my knees don’t let me run!)

I am actually being a little selfish on this New Years Eve and not doing anything special. I am just making myself some nice healthy meals, watching some TV and movies, and I’m about to go for a walk in this beautiful 60 degree weather! I am not sure I am even going to watch that stupid ball drop and listen to that damn Auld Langs Syne that will just make me cry (seriously, I am tearing up just singing it in my head!) about another year gone by. I plan to call my parents and watch something that will make me grateful and not sad instead! I hate to be so selfish, but I really, absolutely, have to think about myself. I have to make myself a priority right now, so that I can finally do this and get healthy. I hearby declare 2012 the year of ME. My only resolution this year is to do my best at taking care of me. I think if I do that, the rest will fall in place.

And may you all have a safe night and much happiness and joy in the new year!

Weight: 180.7 lbs
Change this week: -3.1 lbs
Total lost: -20.4 lbs
You can also check all my progress ;)

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  1. Good for you! Have a skinny week.

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