Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 2

I just don’t know what has gotten into me… but I like it! I am really feeling like it is sinking in, and I am really going to do it this time! I was nervous I wouldn’t loose this week after getting my act together last week, which provided that “first week swoosh” of weight loss, and then trying to actually meet my daily target points this week. And then I delved into my activity points this week. Well, I guess you really can use those activity points, because — du-du-duuuuhhhh — I lost 2.4 pounds!

So, I don’t know if this helps anyone else, but I think it helps me to go over my week and see what I did, so I know what worked, what didn’t, and where I need improvement. So here is what I did this week:

  1. I took the stairs at work every day instead of the elevator. Well, when I was at work, so 5 days.
  2. I tracked my food, activity, and healthy guideline checks (HGC’s) in eTools every day.
  3. I didn’t actually meet my HGC’s every day though… Here’s how many days I did meet them: Liquids (5), Dairy (1), Fruit & Veg (5), Vitamin (6), Healthy Oil (2), Activity (7). Honestly, the most important to me are fruits & veggies, activity, and liquids… in that order. I probably won’t ever meet my dairy, because I am supposed to limit it for allergy/sinus reasons, and I take calcium supplements (when I remember!).
  4. I did 30-45 minutes of activity every day doing Wii Just Dance, Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and walking on the treadmill, earning me 21 activity points.
  5. I used all 49 of my weekly points, and swapped out 7 of those activity points.
  6. I included 1 PointsPlus each day for my Fish Oil supplement. (Which is always irritating that it takes up a whole point, and it’s not a food, and it doesn’t count as your healthy oil!)
  7. I met my daily target points of 27 on Wednesday and Thursday, splurged Friday and Saturday, and was under my daily points Sunday through Tuesday.
  8. I didn’t add bread, potato, or rice to the meals I made. However, I did make a meal (with 2 days of leftovers) with No Yolks noodles, but I cut the amount in the recipe by 1/4 and doubled the veggies. I did have some breaded foods like Trader Joe’s Reduced Fat Battered Shrimp and Barber Foods Stuffed Chicken Breasts.
  9. For sweets, I had Trader Joe’s Brownie & Oat Bars, Simply Lite No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate, and a homemade plum dessert I tweaked a little (that I hope to post about soon!).
  10. I splurged on 1) way too many servings of Trader Joe’s Baked Onion Rings (the slightly better for you version of Funyuns, but still 4 PointsPlus, and I could eat a whole bag!), and 2) at a dinner out at Buckhead Bottle Bar, I had one Crab & Cheese Fritter, a bite of a Mac & Cheese Spring Roll with some Sweet Pepper Dip, and a salmon sandwich… in which there was not enough salmon for all that bread, so I put it all on one half of one slice, and there was no side that came with it. Ok, so that wasn’t bad at all, but we ended up moving on to  Prohibition and Fado until 2 am! And ohhhh, there was LOTS AND LOTS of libations at all three places, including wine, calorie laden fruity martinis, and *gasp!* regular beer! Was it worth? Well yes. (See picture below!)

My Friend's Birthday

Weight: 183.8 lbs
Change this week: -2.4 lbs
Total lost: -17.3 lbs
You can also check all my progress 😉

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