Weight Watchers Weigh In Update Week 1

I made that scale my bitch!Ok. Confession. It’s not really my first week on Weight Watchers. Given the number of times I have been on and off it since I started in 2008, I couldn’t tell what actual week it is. This year, I officially started back again on June 1st, and although I haven’t tracked or done well every single week since then, I have weighed in every single day since then!

So, I recalled that when I first started this blog (my old one died), I used to post an update each week for weigh in and had a progress page, so I thought it was time I re-instate that. Just one more thing to keep me in line and accountable! And that makes this Week 1 of updates on my new blog.

It also makes it Week 1 because I literally went back to “Week 1″ in the online tools. Since I have not been doing so hot for about 5 months, I figured I needed a refresher. And that led to me to getting back to basics.

Now, I don’t go to actual meetings, so my weigh-in is Wednesday mornings at home on my amazingly wonderful Withings WiFi Scale before I eat or shower and with zero clothing. And this morning, I made that scale my bitch. 😉 After a 4 lb gain in November that I have been holding on to, I was back down 3.9 lbs this week!

How the heck did I do that, you think? Did I work out like a mad woman and consume only celery and water? ha ha ha. No. I think it was partly because I haven’t been this “good” in a long time, and it was like that big loss a lot of people typically get when they first start Weight Watchers or any “diet” program. I mean this week was really a new Week 1 for me, right!?!

Other than that, let me tell you what I did: 1) I tracked my food, activity, and healthy guidelines checks all 7 days (yay!) 2) I didn’t actually meet my healthy guideline checks every day, but was pretty close, 3) My activity points were 13 (the goal from the Weight Watchers activity assessment tool was 14), but I didn’t actually “work out.” It only consisted of low effort housework/cleaning and low effort walking (aka grocery shopping). I had a lot of random cleaning and housework things to do, so I guess it worked out, 4) I used all my 49 Weekly points on Saturday with lots of wine and lots of less nutritious carb-y foods, 5) I was actually under my Daily Target points by 3-7 points the rest of the week and did not eat very high carb foods like bread, pasta, and rice. At the same time, I did have some sweets here and there, but I don’t tend to eat desserts very often.

So, what am I doing this week? Now that my weight went back down, I have a new daily target of 27 PointsPlus. I have decided to make an effort to actually meet my daily target for a few reason: 1) I did lose over the suggested and “safe” 2 lbs a week last week, and 2) since my daily target is actually going to keep going down as I lose weight, I might want to eat as much as I am allowed right now while I can! If I don’t see results after this week, then I might lower my daily target, as the new PointsPlus 2012 allows you to. I am also taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work this week. Not that it is going to make a huge difference, but I figure every less-lazy thing I do helps! I am actually going to try to get in some “real” activity other than housework and grocery shopping! I did 45 minutes of Wii Sports tonight, and you know what? I had FUN! Oh, and I am trying to get in 7-ish hours of sleep too! Speaking of which, I am a little behind schedule this evening. I’ve got to hit the hay by midnight, and I have 5 minutes to get ready for bed! I’m out!

Weight: 186.2 lbs
Change this week: -3.9 lbs
Total lost: -14.9 lbs
You can also check all my progress 😉 (now that the page is up!)

  1. Chad @ thebreakupnote, 16 December, 2011

    Good work. Keep it up – WW is a good program. 😛 15 pounds is a lot of weight!

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