Au Gratin, Parmigiana, Tempura, Alfredo, Creamy & Carbonara

My Herbed Linguine with Shrimpa.k.a. The reasons why I am fat!

So I am reading this article on the Weight Watchers site today, 25 Little Tips for Big Weight Loss, in hopes of getting some inspiration. I weighed in today (I am doing Weight Watchers online this time around), and I lost 2.1 lbs! (Yeah me!) But sometimes a good loss can lead to me getting a bit cocky, thinking I can get away with eating or drinking whatever I want, and then I am back to square 1!

Anyway, there were some obvious tips like drinking water when you are hungry and bringing your lunch to work, and some good ones like putting your soup in the refrigerator so the fat goes to the top and you can skim it off before reheating and eating. But I about spit out my Diet Rite when I read tip #8:

Look for high-fat hints
Want an easy way to identify high-calorie meals? Keep an eye out for these words: au gratin, parmigiana, tempura, alfredo, creamy and carbonara, and enjoy them in moderation.”

Really? Do we need to be told this? I know I didn’t get to this size by eating salads!

And well, here’s the other problem, I absolutely love those things! I heart cheese, and butter, and creamy or fried goodness! Those are the words that scream out to me from the menu, “I am sooooo good, you have GOT to give in to temptation and have me!!!”

That being said, I want to inform you, my future followers, that I do not intend to turn into someone who eats baked chicken, steamed vegetables, and plain brown rice as a normal staple. BLECK! I would rather just go ahead and die! In fact, you will probably never see me make a recipe for baked chicken… unless there is some sort of creamy sauce to put on top of it! 😉

But the buck stops here, kids! Yes, at a restaurant, you must avoid these words (unless maybe you racked up 40 activity points and fasted on water the entire rest of the day!). However, these words — Au Gratin, Parmigiana, Tempura, Alfredo, Creamy, Carbonara — can and will be used in lower fat, lower calorie, lower carb dishes! It’s true, people! And those are the kind of recipes you will see here! “YES WE CAN!”

My Herbed Linguine with ShrimpFor instance, check this bad boy out. Back on my old blog :(, I posted my version of Cooking Light‘s Herbed Linguine with Shrimp. (Yep, those are the pictures from the old post.) So easy, so creamy… and it uses real half-and-half! It’s also got fresh linguine, Parmesan cheese, fat free sour cream, and fresh basil and parsley. 11 grams of fat and 9 PointsPlus. Not bad for a pasta dish! So go try this recipe, and say to yourself… “YES I CAN”!!!

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