Slowly But Surely, I’ll Be Back!

Well, I painfully decided that after, well, over 6 months, it was in my best interest to just start my blog over. (boo!) I attempted to fix it in a number of ways, but I can only do so much, people!!!

Soooo…. slowly but surely, I will be back online and blogging away… in what I hope is bigger and better!… Aaakkk, I mean SMALLER and better!  (Did I mention, I am back to “square one” again with my weight?)

Anyway, to my friends, tweeps, readers, and followers… let’s all give a fond final farewell to the old page…

Old Diva on a Diet Page

And here’s to new beginnings! I hope you will come back around and visit me on my new journey! Stay tuned for the best Diva on a Diet page yet!

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